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Simon Social Entrepreneurship Goes Global

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Inspired by their studies, Simon MBAs Mikayla Hart, Mo Shaikh, Andre Segovia, and Gregory Sheldon sought to address food poverty in Pakistan. The journey took them around the world to the Hult Prize Challenge in London. Watch their story unfold.

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Simon Tops The List for Women in Business School

The recent Poets and Quants report, "By The Numbers: Are Women Really Making Progress At Business School?" recognized Simon for a 28 percent increase in female students over the past 16 years. Women currently make up 44 percent of the MBA class.


Full-Time MBA program ranks No. 36

Bloomberg Businessweek ranks Simon’s Full-Time MBA program No. 36 in the US for 2015. In addition, the School's Part-Time Professional MBA program earned a No. 35 ranking.

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A Message From the Dean

Simon Business School offers an education that attracts students who value our focus on analytics. Simon moves beyond management as usual and teaches you how to use the power of data to make smart decisions.

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Faculty Research— Commodity Trade and the Carry Trade: A Tale of Two Countries

Why hasn't Australia had a recession in 25 years? What strategies can savvy investors utilize to maximize returns? New award-winning research from Assistant Professor Robert Ready and two coauthors provides a model for understanding global economic risk as it relates to a country's main industry and export.

The business school that will change your life.

Today’s business world demands a tougher kind of preparation. Get your degree from a school that offers it. At Simon Business School, we have a curriculum grounded in analytics and economics. Our approach provides you with enduring frameworks for solving problems and making decisions in today’s data-rich environment. Our expert faculty is here to coach you and develop you so that you are ready for the future of business. Find out why our graduates are ready for today’s competitive business world.


Full-Time MBA Program

Our full-time MBA program matches your drive to succeed with a professional skill set that lets you stand out from the competition. It is a program designed for those looking to propel their careers with a fully immersive business school experience; a deep dive that delivers results.

Full-Time MS Programs

A Simon MS degree can provide the right foundation to help you get ahead. Our one-year specialized programs are for early career candidates looking to acquire in-depth knowledge of their chosen field to advance and accelerate their career. We offer MS Programs in:

Executive MBA and Part-Time Programs

The Executive MBA program is tailored for business leaders who want the full MBA experience without career interruption. Additional part-time MBA and MS options allow working professionals to maximize their learning at an accelerated pace and fit school into busy schedules.

Part-Time MS Programs in New York City
New York, NY

From early career professionals to mid-level managers, New York City working professionals strengthen their business education and receive an advanced degree from one of the world's best business schools with one of our 13-month, part-time graduate program offerings. Our program options include:


Experience Simon

Join an elite cohort with similar goals and equal drive. Simon students represent some of the best and brightest business minds from around the world. Our smaller size means you will build meaningful relationships with faculty and students, and make connections that will last a lifetime.

  • Profile Photo

    Hua Wang

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015

    Finance and Corporate Accounting

    Financial Management Associate


    “Simon’s rigorous curriculum has pushed me beyond working hard. It has pushed me to work smart. The solid professional foundation has given me confidence that I will be able to take on more responsibilities and handle challenges in my career.”

    See the full profile for Hua Wang
  • Profile Photo

    Michael D. Grover

    Executive MBA, Class of 2015

    Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer

    Five Star Bank

    “It had been twenty years since I was in a classroom. I knew Simon was going to be challenging, but what I’m learning in the Executive MBA program has me thinking more strategically. Simon is introducing and reinforcing concepts that are useful as I progress in my career.”

    See the full profile for Michael D. Grover
  • Profile Photo

    Neelima Sharma

    MS in Finance, Class of 2015


    Pico Quantitative Trading

    “The finance knowledge I gained at Simon will open new opportunities for me. Before Simon, I knew physics, optics, and IT operations. Now, no matter what direction the market turns, I have equipped myself for success.”

    See the full profile for Neelima Sharma
  • Profile Photo

    Matt Legere

    Professional MBA, Class of 2015

    Multimedia/Web Developer

    Harris RF Communications

    "The accelerated pace of the PMBA program is a perfect fit for my schedule; it allows me to not only continue working, but also immediately apply concepts covered in the classes to my position at Harris.”

    See the full profile for Matt Legere

A Global Network of Alumni

Representing more than 80 countries, the Simon alumni network is an important resource that can help with everything from career opportunities to doing business in the global marketplace.

Map - Countries with Simon Alumni - 980 x 603 - NEW

Most represented countries


Hong Kong

South Korea
Russian Federation
United Kingdom
United States


Meet Simon Alumni

  • Profile Photo

    Margot Anich

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015, Health Sciences Management, Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    Brand Management and Health Sciences Management


    “I chose Simon for its rigorous curriculum, intimate class setting, and world-renowned professors. I knew leaving my job to attend business school full-time would be a worthwhile venture, and I knew Simon would offer a real return on my investment.”

    See the full profile for Margot Anich
  • Profile Photo

    Doug Petno

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 1989

    Finance, Business Environment and Public Policy

    Chief Operating Officer of the Commercial Banking Division,

    JPMorgan Chase

    Chief Operating Officer of JPMorgan Chase Commercial-Banking Division. Petno has an MBA from the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester, and a BA in Biology from Wabash College.

    See the full profile for Doug Petno
  • Profile Photo

    Molly Hildebrandt Martin

    MS in Marketing, Class of 2009

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Aspen Dental

    "Simon prepares you for a fastpaced, demanding marketing career. Expectations are high, and you really have to push yourself."

    See the full profile for Molly Hildebrandt Martin
  • Profile Photo

    Yiran (Amy) Zeng

    MS in Accountancy, Class of 2013

    Americas Assurance Service

    Ernst and Young LLP

    “Simon seems to cultivate students who decide on a career as professional accountant,” she says. “The smaller class sizes help ensure more interactions with professors and classmates.”

    See the full profile for Yiran (Amy) Zeng
  • Profile Photo

    Lance Drummond

    Executive MBA, Class of 1985

    Executive Vice President, Operations and Technology

    TD Canada Trust

    “The Simon EMBA program gave me an economic framework that both shaped my business thinking and helped me develop as a leader. Each day, as I interact with others to solve tough, complex problems, I apply what I learned at Simon.”

    See the full profile for Lance Drummond
  • Profile Photo

    Anthony Santos

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2014

    Corporate Accounting, Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    Finance Management Associate


    As a merit scholar and president of the Simon Financial Management Association, Anthony Santos understands the value of a business education from one of America’s top institutions. “Simon Business School offers a program that is academically rigorous,” he says.

    See the full profile for Anthony Santos

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