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MS in Finance Class of 2018

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Veronica Mupazviriwo

“My favorite part of Simon has been the people I have met here and the relationships I have built. I have the privilege to work with very smart people in a supportive environment, and each day I am motivated to do better. I also really like the experiential learning opportunities here at Simon that have allowed me to learn hands on skills that I can take with me to the workplace.”

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Nicholas Perpignan

“By far, my favorite part of my Simon experience was being part of clubs and the different competitions throughout the year. It allowed me to connect with individuals from the MBA and the MS programs that I probably wouldn’t have met without being involved. I learned a lot about the different career paths, as well as other unique instruments that were very useful to me in my job search.”

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Jason Raymond

“One of the reasons I chose Simon was the sense of community I felt. I first learned about Simon when an admissions counselor came to my undergraduate institution. The way she talked about Simon and the experiences there made me want to visit. On my first visit, the current students and alumni repeatedly spoke about the sense of community that Simon creates. Little did I know, I had already become a part of it, because some of my current friends at Simon were visitors at that same event.”

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Bowen Hu

“I chose Simon because Simon can help me succeed, and I’m a good fit with Simon. I want to find a job after graduation, and Simon has a really strong alumni network which can help me with my career search. Also, the courses at Simon are very interesting. I did some research before coming here and noticed that courses taught here are mostly focusing on real-world issues, which I think will help me secure a job before graduation.”

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Sijie Hao

"Simon’s MSF program has a long history, with a respected brand both in US and in China. It is a great experience to learn from some of the finest professors in the world and study with classmates who share your passion for making a difference. Secondly, Simon has lots of excellent alumni. The connection between alumni is strong and remarkable, which drives your career."



MS in Finance Class of 2017

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Mirko Cauci

Consultant, Consulting Americas Regulatory
BNP Paribas

“It has been incredibly useful to see business unfold in the real world. In my courses I learned the general inner workings of companies and, also, how market forces directly affect them.”

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Farah Bou Abboud

Corporate Finance Associate

“I was an analyst for the Simon Finance and Investment Club, which was very helpful for my job interview [at PwC]. They found it astonishing that Simon gives us $500,000 to invest. He asked me to pitch a stock, which was something I had already done with the club. I was able to impress him, and I got the job!”

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Siyi (Sea) Wu

Treasury Analyst

“The presentations I did at Simon and our MGC class prepared me and positioned me very well for my internship, and ultimately, full-time offer at Conduent.”

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Yunfan (Rolf) Bao

Global Investment Research Analyst
Goldman Sachs Hong Kong

“I received a full-time offer from Goldman Sachs. It’s a really exciting experience for me because I will be looking at what’s happening on the ground floor in the whole Asian market. I’ll also have cross functional collaboration within different centers and teams.”

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Katie Jett

Client Associate

"I chose Simon because, when I came here, I could just see concrete steps to achieving my goal. My goal is to live and work in New York City. Whenever I came and talked to current students, they talked about their classes and they just loved them and loved how hands-on they were. I talked to alumni, and seeing where they are now and how far the program has taken them, I could just see clearly that my dream could come true if I came to Simon."

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Ericka Robles Araya

Financial Analyst

"I knew I wanted to be in a program that had a very rigorous academic environment that would help me enhance my quantitative and analytic skills. I also knew I wanted to be part of a program with a close-knit community that would give me individualized attention, and where I could work to further my career."

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Vitaliy Sokyrka

Product Control Analyst

"I can say that I enjoy every single part of Simon, starting with the International Student Orientation. I was so amazed by everything, starting with a really beautiful campus and ending with how much I gained from attending networking and job search sessions. It's impossible to describe my emotions and what I gained with just words. It's something that you need to experience for yourself."

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Tianyu (Jenny) Gao

Treasury Analyst

"I believe faculty members are the soul of a business school, and Simon has fantastic professors. I'm a finance nerd, I love asking 'Why?' and I can easily find a professor who has published a research paper relevant to my questions. If you're passionate about finance, like I am, you should consider Simon."


MS in Finance, Class of 2016

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Sukhmani Bakshi

Senior Financial Analyst

"The main reason I would recommend Simon to prospective students is the Internship Track. That really, really helped me to get where I am today. Obviously the curriculum and classes helped as well, but that extra six months of the internship that I got, I think that's very, very important for an international student."

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Investment Banking Analyst

"My overall experience at Simon empowered me to reach bigger and to reach those opportunities that seemed really distant to me when I was an undergraduate student, such as landing my dream job as an investment banking analyst at a world-class bank.”

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Panorama Holdings LLC

"I worked with the Simon Venture Fund for three quarters on two different projects. I was able to visit the client's headquarters, talk to the CEO face-to-face, prepare the pitch, and present it on a conference call with the board members. It was really beneficial to us, especially those of us without much work expereince before coming to Simon."

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Equity Analyst
GeoInvesting LLC

"The community may be the most important factor to me. The great students I've met will be my colleagues, friends, and partners in the future. The professors I've met will continuously support me. The people from the Career Managament Center will also continuously support the students in the pursuit of their dream careers. I'd say the people are the greatest thing about Simon."

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Project Manager
Discover Financial Services

"My favorite part of my Simon experience was the people. I met many amazing people here and fostered strong personal and professional relationships. Also, the alumni network was very helpful and instrumental in my job search. One of them actually helped me prepare for the job interview with Discover. His insight was invaluable."

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Ellington Management Group

"I'd recommend Simon to students because you get to learn with great financial minds like Gregg Jarrell and Robert Novy-Marx. Apart from that, you also build relationships with many people from all over the world, which is a good thing to have when you're starting your networking in the United States."

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Business Valuation Consultant

"Knowledge is being created here, it's not just being taught. Whenever I have a question about finance or I'm just curious to learn something, I could always find a professor who has been studying it or who has been researching what I want to know. That's just amazing."

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Business Valuation Consultant

"I always felt like I could ask others for help here, even from people who weren't in my program. I remember one situation when I was preparing for an interview, I talked to three or four MBA students. They made time to talk to me on the phone and meet me at school to really make sure I was ready for my interview, even though they were all so busy. One even helped me with a mock interview over the phone as he was driving to New Jersey for a meeting. That was really important to me."



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Senior Financial Analyst

“The size of the school was very important to me. After seeing how well I worked in a small program during my undergraduate years, I knew that this was something I needed to excel, academically and socially.”


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