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    Obiamaka Eke

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2014

    Senior Financial Analyst

    As a true citizen of the world, Obiamaka Eke is looking forward to building on her experience as a real estate property appraiser in Yolo County, California, while fulfilling her passion for giving back to those in need and pursuing a career on the international business stage.

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    Jamie Buck

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2003

    Competitive and Organizational Strategy and Electronic Commerce
    Senior Account Executive

    "Having the amount of exposure I had at Simon working in a team-based environment made the transition to working with my summer team a very smooth one. Since I had also acquired a solid quantitative and economics-based means to approach problem solving, I was able to adapt quickly in the fast-paced environment of Wall Street.”

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    Ken Burkeen

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2002

    Founder and CEO

    "Can there be a more fast paced, high pressure occupation than as an active duty officer in the US Army? I thought not until I entered Simon and Corporate America. The two career paths are very similar and I believe that the skill sets required to succeed in both are very similar."

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    Dre Collier

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015

    Business Systems Consulting
    Senior Strategy Consultant

    "At Simon, you learn from professors who wrote the books on what you're learning. But you don't just learn from professors. Because it's such a tight-knit community, you're constantly learning from everyone around you."

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    Mikayla Hart

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2016

    Competitive and Organizational Strategy

    “I love being around people from different cultures. Simon has students from so many countries and with many diverse professional backgrounds. That dynamic helps make for very vibrant classroom conversations"

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    Salim Holder

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2007

    Marketing, Competitive and Corporate Strategy and Entrepreneurship
    Senior Brand Manager
    Combe Incorporated

    " Simon gave me an understanding of business and how to think critically about the potential effect a decision or environment can have on business results."

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    Rupali Monga

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2012

    Health Sciences Management and Marketing
    Lead Product Manager

    "I believe Simon has a fantastic MBA program, as a majority of the course work mimics real-world, day-to-day business issues, which can be very challenging, but very beneficial to help successful leaders strive in their future career paths. My interactions with Simon alumni were a major factor in my decision to attend Simon."

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    Will Reynolds

    '10S, MBA/MPH (Master of Public Health), Health Sciences Management, Competitive and Organizational Strategy (MBA), Public Policy (MPH)


    "This diversity is a large selling point in today's global economy. I have learned more about other cultures and international business in the study rooms of Simon than I have in the couple of years that I lived and worked in several countries abroad."

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    Deborah Soffin-Brundage

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2001

    Finance and Marketing
    Senior Brand Manager,
    Procter & Gamble

    Deborah is now the Senior Brand Manager for the P&G Brand. Appointed Iams Dog Brand Manager in 2007, Deborah reinvigorated the base business with a global restage to deliver breakthrough marketing and media innovation focused solely on putting the consumer at the center of every decision.

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    Kathy Waller

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 1983

    Vice President and Controller,
    Coca-Cola Company

    It wasn't until after she graduated from college that Kathy N. Waller '83S (MBA) considered applying to business school. Through The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, which assists minorities who want to get their MBA, Waller applied to the Simon Business School.

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