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Because tradition matters.

The Simon school stands as an acknowledged leader in the world of business education, recognized as a curricular innovator, a research powerhouse and a significant academic enterprise. Simon Business School has built that reputation on its own ambition and creative initiatives—and on the over 50 years of accomplishment.

With origins as a regional business school enrolling primarily undergraduate students, the Simon school has grown to an internationally acclaimed graduate institution. Today, nearly half of our MBA candidates come from other countries—the highest percentage of international students among many of America’s leading business schools.

From an original Rochester business faculty of three members, Simon Business School has grown to a faculty of 72 renowned industry experts. Most are graduates of the nation’s top 25 business schools—including Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, M.I.T, Northwestern, Stanford and Wharton—among whose ranks Simon Business School is listed. Extraordinarily productive in research, our faculty is equally committed to teaching—another distinction of a Simon Business School education.

Over the course of its history, nearly 15,000 students have graduated from the School. They are managing, leading and contributing across a wide range of enterprises throughout the world: in business, government and nonprofit organizations, and universities: in finance, banking, manufacturing and marketing.

They have founded successful entrepreneurial ventures, raised to the top of Fortune 500 corporations, and brought to their careers a distinctly Rochester way of doing business: hands-on, empirically based, global and interdisciplinary in perspective.

The story of the Simon School is a story of an entrepreneurial spirit, a bold vision, and the courage to take risks and strike out in new directions. We invite you to join us in this celebration of the School’s accomplishments.

Yet as we look around us and see a constantly changing business environment, it is natural to question the enduring value of a business school education. Upon reflection, it becomes apparent that business schools, which simply teach what managers do today, will quickly become irrelevant, or squander resources chasing the latest management fads and trends in an effort to stay “current.” The most troublesome aspect of this approach—even if successful—is that knowledge imparted to students will quickly be rendered obsolete, making their education a dubious investment at best.

At Simon Business School, our goal is to give students a lasting competitive advantage. We believe that career success will come to those men and women whose abilities transcend the passage of time; whose basic understanding of the forces at work within organizations and in the marketplace enables them to manage effectively in an environment of rapid change. This understanding is a key that makes leaders of managers by enabling them to see beyond the way things are and to shape the future. It is what we seek to engender in our students, and why we are so confident of their abilities as they enter the business world, and so proud of the many success stories they represent.

The enduring value of a Simon Business School education is what has set us apart from other business schools since the beginning.

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