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About Simon

Prepare for career success at Simon Business School.

Globalization, technology and economic uncertainty put pressure on business today as never before. At Simon you will gain the insights and resilience to grow and prosper, whatever the prevailing conditions.

Master the art and science of business.

Business is challenging, competition is intense, and succeeding in today’s global competitive marketplace takes more than just hard work and perseverance. At Simon Business School, we are being honest about this reality. In fact, we are boldly stating that succeeding in the face of these challenges takes more than the traditional approach to management education. Management is a science, not just an art.

At Simon Business School, our success comes from teaching our students how to analyze problems and create innovative and solid recommendations for business strategy. As a result, our graduates can confidently communicate their work and drive the most important business decisions. It’s the difference between presenting sound solutions and simply selling fast and easy answers.

Our rigorous education that will challenge you and Simon’s expert faculty will provide the support and coaching you need to succeed in business.

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