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Andrew Armstrong, US Army, Class of 2009 - 730

Andrew Armstrong, US Army, Full-Time MBA, Class of 2009

Andrew graduated from Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH, where he earned a BA degree in philosophy and theology in 2002. After graduation, Andrew enlisted in the US Army as a linguist. He served as the leader of a human intelligence collection team and was in charge of training the Iraqi army intelligence personnel in everything from interrogation to conducting independent operations. Andrew applied to Simon while on active duty in Iraq and returned to the US in October 2007. Still on active duty, his new assignment was to earn his MBA at the Simon School through the Army’s Green to Gold program (green for enlisted soldier, gold for officer); he also participated in the Army ROTC program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Andrew graduated with an MBA with concentrations in Finance and Corporate Accounting in 2009. After graduation, he returned to the military as a lieutenant. He says Simon’s response was unique and highly personalized. “Dean Zupan and Dan Struble e-mailed me directly,” he says. “I immediately felt part of the family and valued from the start.” Struble, a retired Navy captain, was an advocate for him and offered to help with the transition to the Rochester area.

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