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Stuart Platt, US Navy, Class of 1970 - 730

Stuart Platt, US Navy, Full-Time MBA, Class of 1970

Stuart attended the University of Rochester and earned a bachelor of science degree and a masters of science degree in Operations Analysis. Although his active-duty status was controversial during the Vietnam War era, he found a welcoming attitude at Simon for students dedicating their lives to the armed forces. He received his MBA from Simon Business School in 1970 and took back into his career the School’s emphasis on leadership development, financial analysis and entrepreneurial economics. Stuart’s years in the Navy have earned him more than 20 medals and decorations for combat and military service and entry in the United States Navy Submarine Force Hall of Fame. Now a retired US Navy rear admiral, Stuart's spirit of innovation and interest in entrepreneurial economics led him to form Harbor Wing Technologies in 2003. He also writes influential op-ed pieces for The Wall Street Journal, particularly on military topics about North Korea and the Far East.

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