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    Peter Alpern

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 1996

    Corporate Accounting and Finance
    Wells Fargo

    Peter Alpern particularly valued classes taught by Professor Cliff Smith. "I remember in one lecture, he was talking about agency costs and aligning the interests of management with those of shareholders. It was as if a bright light went on. This big mosaic of incomprehensible information suddenly made sense."

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    Margot Anich

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015

    Solution Design, Manager

    “I chose Simon for its rigorous curriculum, intimate class setting, and world-renowned professors. I knew leaving my job to attend business school full-time would be a worthwhile venture, and I knew Simon would offer a real return on my investment.”

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    Christopher Antola

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2005

    Senior Vice President, Strategic Programming
    FX Networks (Fox)

    At Simon, Antola formed a special bond with Professor Ron Schmidt. “I had been studying and working in France prior to my time at Simon, and my family took us to many less traveled locales when I was growing up,” he notes. “I instantly connected with Ron’s international focus.”
    Schmidt’s courses brought all of Antola’s MBA disciplines together.

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    Eric Ball

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 1988

    General Partner
    Impact Venture Capital

    Eric credits Simon for giving him the technical skills he still uses today. “Technical skills help get you that first job and move into middle management,” he says. “But to move into senior management, you need soft skills, particularly when it comes to team building. Schools do a great job at teaching the technical skills, but soft skills require experience and learning from feedback.”

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    Cindy Becker

    Executive MBA, Class of 2001

    Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
    NIST, Highland Hospital, Highland Hospital at Rochester, NY

    “Simon taught me the importance of collaboration and teamwork to accomplish outcomes, and it sharpened my analytical and critical thinking skills to make better decisions.”

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    Jay Benet

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 1976

    Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer,
    The Travelers Companies

    “The property casualty industry is very much part of today’s economy,” he says. “It is a global industry that uses its very large capital base to help businesses of all sizes and individuals manage risk.”

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    Jeff Berardi

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2002

    Chief Marketing Officer
    K&L Gates

    “What I learned at Simon was invaluable. The analytical approach to problem solving helped me build credibility with our attorneys, while the entrepreneurial track taught me that I could continue to learn outside the program.”

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    Martin Birmingham

    Executive MBA, Class of 2013

    President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
    Five Star Bank and Financial Institutions, Inc.

    “I’m delighted that we have six alumni in senior leadership positions who have gone or are going through the Simon Executive MBA program. It allows us to collectively leverage the analytical skillsets and frameworks we learned to deal with some of the uncertainties of business.”

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    Ken Burkeen

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2002

    Founder and CEO

    "Can there be a more fast paced, high pressure occupation than as an active duty officer in the US Army? I thought not until I entered Simon and Corporate America. The two career paths are very similar and I believe that the skill sets required to succeed in both are very similar."

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    Carlo Cabral

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015

    Finance, Competitive and Organizational Strategy, Corporate Accounting
    Financial Management Associate - APAC Markets PF&A

    “Finance is a changing landscape. Simon is giving me exactly the MBA program I need to learn how to adapt to those changes. With its focus on economics and analysis, Simon doesn't teach you what to think, it teaches you how to think.”

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    Roland Caputo

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 1984

    Executive Vice President, Print Products and Services
    The New York Times

    When The New York Times needed to develop an online pay wall for subscribers to access the paper’s premium content, they turned to Roland Caputo to make it happen.

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    Alex Castro

    Executive MBA, Class of 2007

    Senior Vice President of Operations
    PathStone Corporation

    “And I knew it was either Simon or no program at all,” he says. “The recognition factor is key. If you are making a long-term investment like this, you might as well get the best of the best."

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    Kanika Chopra

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015

    Finance, Competitive and Organizational Strategy
    Vice President

    "The Simon culture is a very team-oriented and collegial environment," Kanika notes. "I am really enjoying my experience and take pride in being a Simonite as people collaborate to help one another." Kanika knows she can count on the rigorous study at Simon to help prepare her for future career success.

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    Travis Church

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015

    Finance, Competitive and Organizational Strategy
    Project Manager

    “Simon has given me a more holistic perspective on business and a better understanding of how companies operate. It has been helpful to learn what some businesses do to make themselves more successful than their competition.”

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    Steven Cody

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2007

    Corporate Accounting and Finance
    Product Manager Asia Pacific

    "The analytical way of thinking and approach to solving problems that I learned at Simon has bolstered my career in finance."

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    Dre Collier

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015

    Business Systems Consulting
    Senior Strategy Consultant

    "At Simon, you learn from professors who wrote the books on what you're learning. But you don't just learn from professors. Because it's such a tight-knit community, you're constantly learning from everyone around you."

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    Sean Flaherty

    Executive MBA, Class of 2006

    Executive Vice President, Strategy
    ITX Corp.

    "I built relationships there that I'll have the rest of my life. And now, some of our key business offerings at ITX—like Technology Strategic Planning—have parts and processes that come directly from classes I took at Simon."

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    Stephen Fraum

    '12S (MBA), Executive MBA

    Sidecar Capital Management, LLC

    “Simon gave me a lot of the quantitative tools I needed. More than anything, it gives you a solid base – the background and depth you need continue to teach yourself new things.”

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    Shay Freeman

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015

    Marketing - Brand Management Track
    Regional Market Manager

    "Simon has changed the way I think and approach problem solving. The professors don’t tell you that one way is better than the other. Instead, they challenge you to be more critical in your analysis."

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    Jon Harrington

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2013

    Brand Manager
    Beech-Nut Nutrition Company

    “The main thing that attracted me to Simon was the close-knit community. Dean Mark Zupan called me as soon as I put down my deposit, and alumni have been incredibly willing to help provide insight and advice. Those contacts directly led to my internship, and I am very grateful for that.”

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    Patteera Hengboriboonpong

    MS in Finance, Class of 2016

    Project Manager
    Discover Financial Services

    "My favorite part of my Simon experience was the people. I met many amazing people here and fostered strong personal and professional relationships. Also. the alumni network was very helpful and instrumental in my job search. One of them actually helped me prepare for the job interview with Discover. His insight was invaluable."

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    Charles Johnson

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2014

    As a sponsorship specialist for the NBA and co-marketing manager for ESPN, Charles quickly learned the realities of a Big Data world. “Coming through the NBA and ESPN, I saw heavy use of numbers and analytics — and having numbers tell the story,” he says.

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    Jamie Kerr

    Medical Management, Class of 2007

    Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Utilization Management
    Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

    “Before Simon, the business side of health care was essentially opaque to me. I had a limited understanding of finances, accounting, balance sheets, business plans, and business operations. I learned something I could use on the job every week of the program.”

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    Viraaj Vasanth Kumar

    MS in Finance, Class of 2016

    Operations Analyst
    Ellington Management Group

    "I'd recommend Simon to students because one, you get to learn with great financial minds like Gregg Jarrell and Robert Novy-Marx. Apart from that, you also build relationships with many people from all over the world, which is a good thing to have when you're starting your networking in the United States."

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    Evans Y. Lam

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 1984

    Managing Director - Wealth Management

    “I am forever grateful to the University of Rochester and the Simon Business School for providing me with the foundation for my career in corporate finance and investment management."

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    Jennifer Lee

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2016

    Computers and Information Systems, Operations Management
    Operations Program Analyst

    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Undergraduate school and major: University of California, San Diego - Molecular Synthesis Chemistry
    Pre-MBA career: QC/Operations in Biotech
    Post-MBA plans: Operations Program Analyst at Facebook
    Favorite thing about Simon: My peers - they are some of the most incredible people I've ever met.
    Why Simon: Simon is very community-oriented and it's apparent in every aspect of the School.
    Simon clubs: Simon Ambassadors, UNcorked, Simon Volunteers

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    Daniel MacIntyre

    Part-Time MBA, Class of 2013

    Senior Financial Analyst,
    Manning and Napier

    The Simon PMBA program was the key factor in opening the path for the career that I wanted, and now have.

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    Dana Mehnert

    Part-Time MBA, Class of 1991

    Group President
    Harris RF Communications

    "I needed a local part-time MBA program that I could attend while still doing extensive travel. The part-time program at Simon was very flexible and it provided me with a strong analytical and financial background."

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    Louis Mistretta

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015

    Marketing—Brand Management Track
    Associate Brand Manager, McNeil Consumer Healthcare,
    Johnson & Johnson

    "Simon's smaller size helps you develop deep connections with the faculty and other students. It facilitates a cohesive, supportive, and collaborative environment that helps you push yourself to the edge of your ability in order to grow."

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    Maureen Mwangi

    MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2015

    Senior Category Strategy Analyst
    Pepsi Co.

    The business demand for big data and, subsequently, the insights gained through analytics, is increasing by the day. Simon's curriculum exposes you to current techniques and helps you build the expertise to succeed in the growing business analytics field.

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    Philip Myers

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2013

    Vice President, Corporate Treasury, Global Liquidity Management
    Bank of America

    “I was looking for two things in a business school: one that would put me in a great position to land an internship and a job, and one that would prepare me to succeed once I got that job,” Philip explains. “Simon offered both.”

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    Takeshi Nagato

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2014

    Corporate Accounting and Finance
    Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ

    "I chose Simon because of its smaller size and its strength in finance,” he says. “I will get to know everybody, students, faculty, and staff in person.”

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    Swati Patel

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2008

    Specialist Leader (Senior Manager)
    Deloitte Consulting LLP

    Patel originally thought she would use her business degree to become a pharmacy director, but her exposure to Simon’s alumni network changed her mind. She accepted a management consulting offer after she earned her MBA, and she’s enjoyed consulting ever since. “I work directly with senior leadership at some of the largest health care institutions in the nation,” she says. “My Simon degree earned me instant recognition and credibility.”

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    Matthew Peckham

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2014

    Manager, Corporate Development

    “I started looking at business schools about a year before I applied. I knew I wanted to stay in the northeast and study finance—and I knew I really liked the smaller class size. That’s when I found out about Simon and saw some of their rankings. It was obvious Simon was the place to be.”

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    Doug Petno

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 1989

    Finance, Business Environment and Public Policy
    Chief Operating Officer of the Commercial Banking Division,
    JPMorgan Chase

    Chief Operating Officer of JPMorgan Chase Commercial-Banking Division. Petno has an MBA from the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester, and a BA in Biology from Wabash College.

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    Linh Phillips

    Part-Time MBA, Class of 2013

    Senior Consumer Insights Analyst
    Constellation Brands

    “My goals are to continue to advance and leverage the qualitative and quantitative skills I acquired in the program to become into a best-in-class leader.”

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    Dominic Rasini

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2014

    Senior Consultant

    As a business analyst working for Queensland Health in Australia and seeking an advanced degree, Dominic Rasini knew that a Simon MBA was literally a world away. But for someone looking to build his career on the international business stage, it was a challenge he was willing to accept.

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    Hironori Sasaki

    Part-Time MBA, Class of 2013

    Product Line Manager,
    FalconFighter Soldier Systems

    "My studies helped me analyze complex business problems in my current job at Harris RF, and will continue to help me accelerate my career and prepare me for greater responsibilities in the future."

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    Priya Shenoy

    MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2014

    Business Analyst Specialist
    Nationwide Insurance

    The Simon experience is unique among top graduate schools. Smaller classes allowed for more one-on-one interaction and created a sense of community between students and faculty. The unparalleled emphasis on data-driven decision making that is reflected in every course has added great value to my learning experience at Simon.

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    Alia Tabet

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2009

    Marketing and Finance
    Director of Marketing, NFL Network,
    National Football League

    "I appreciated the international diversity of the school and enjoyed traveling with the soccer team and playing in tournaments with other business schools from around the world."

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    Natasha Thompson

    Executive MBA, Class of 2009

    President and CEO
    Foodbank of the Southern Tier

    "It was definitely the hardest thing I had done in recent memory," she says. "But everyone was interested in ensuring that I succeeded. The professors were very approachable."

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    Sven Troya

    MS in Finance, Class of 2015

    Financial Analyst
    Hublot-LVMH Group

    “The MS in Finance program offers the perfect opportunity to acquire a very concentrated knowledge in a short period of time. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their understanding of finance.”

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    Kimberly Tucker

    Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015

    Assistant Vice President
    Bank of America

    “During my MBA experience, I’ve networked with people all over the world, including working for a high-tech startup in Israel and studying abroad in Argentina. Simon gives you the flexibility to create your success with the relationships you build.”

    >> See the full profile for Kimberly Tucker

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    Chuan (Chris) Zhang

    MS in Accountancy, Class of 2015

    Assurance Associate

    “I discovered my passion for accounting at Simon Business School. The MS in Accountancy courses provided me with the knowledge to pass the Uniform CPA Examination and succeed in my career.”

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    Su Zhou

    MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2015

    Senior Associate, Assurance
    PwC Canada

    At Simon, students, faculty, and staff build meaningful relationships. The professors and career advisors know students personally and are invested in our success. The one-on-one coaching and expert advice I received from Simon faculty and staff members have been very beneficial to my academic and professional development.

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