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Math Review and Excel Workshop

The following resources are offered free of charge after students have confirmed their acceptance to the Professional MBA Program.

An online math refresher course is available for your convenience. You will be able to study at your own pace and explore the material more or less in-depth, as required by your specific skill level. After paying your enrollment deposit, you will be sent the course information and unique access code.

For those that would also like some book materials to refresh their skills, the texts listed in “Math Review Books and Topics” can be purchased through an on-line bookstore.

The Excel Training has two modules - an Assessor module and an Instructor module. Excel has endless features and functions.  Our goal is not for you to master all of them; rather for you to have sufficient mastery of the prerequisite skills needed for your program, and have an accessible resource to build on those.  The Assessor module is designed to help you determine if you have sufficient proficiency in the basic skills, and to provide you with an efficient path, via the Instructor module, to improve them as necessary.  The Assessor is not a test being used to evaluate you.  It is for you to become aware of the Excel skills we expect you to be comfortable with in our program, and at the same time assess yourself on them.

All students are encouraged to complete the entire assessment at least once.  While we will be monitoring your progress to see if you have completed this requirement, we will not use your assessment scores for any evaluative purposes in our classes or other activities.

To access the Online Excel Training, please log on to Blackboard ( using credentials provided to you by Simon IT (your NetID), and proceed to the Online Excel Training page (under "Organizations" - in the upper right hand corner of your Blackboard page).  More detailed instructions on how to complete the training are provided there. Please contact Janet Mejias if you do not see your Excel Training access in Blackboard.

Note: The Online Excel Training is based on the WINDOWS version of Excel.  The Mac version, while being quite similar, has some important differences, especially in the user interface.  In our classes, we use the WINDOWS version, as some of the Add-in software we use for our courses does not work with Mac Excel. So if you are a Mac user, you should try to get access to a WINDOWS version of Excel as you work through this training.





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