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2020 ADM AA Kristen Alcazaren

Kristen Alcazaren, Class of 2022

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Undergraduate school and major: University of Buffalo, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Pre-MBA career: Process Improvement Engineer
Post-MBA plans: Consulting within emerging markets
Favorite thing about Rochester: Fall in Western New York is the best
Favorite thing about Simon: The community
Why Simon: As the 29th overall MBA school, Simon not only offers a STEM-designated degree but also a supportive community to foster growth and future careers.
Simon clubs: Data Analytics; Simon VISION Consulting; Consulting Club; Simon Women in Business; Forté

2020 ADM AA Andrew Black

Andrew Black, Class of 2022

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Undergraduate school and major: Colgate University, Psychology
Pre-MBA career: I worked at M&T Bank in Commercial Planning & Analytics and joined the bank through the Management Development Program.
Post-MBA plans: I plan on working in marketing post-graduation, with an emphasis on strategy and analytics.
Favorite thing about Rochester: How accessible everything is. There is a wide range of things to do, from hiking trails to museums to great restaurants. Although Rochester is a smaller city, there is no shortage of places to go to keep you busy.
Favorite thing about Simon: How team-oriented the MBA program is. Simon seeks out individuals who believe we can accomplish more together, and it shows in the collaborative spirit of the school.
Why Simon: Leadership and analytics were two areas I identified as essential toward taking the next step in my career. Rooted in collaboration, the MBA program offered the most robust opportunities to learn to lead and excel in team-based settings. Additionally, Simon was the nation’s first program to offer the STEM MBA designation regardless of specialization. Analytics is an integral aspect of the program, and that was a differentiator from other programs.
Simon clubs: Simon Marketing Association; Simon Product Management Club; Simon Volunteers

2020 ADM AA Chantal Delisle

Chantal Delisle, Class of 2021

Hometown: Brasher Falls, NY
Undergraduate school and major: St. Lawrence University, Sociology
Academic focus: Marketing
Pre-MBA career: Following undergrad, I was a live-in nanny for two years in the Albany, NY, region, which was incredibly rewarding (and bonus: I learned how to meal plan/cook). I then spent the majority of my career at CIC (fka Cambridge Innovation Center), a flexible workspace for entrepreneurs and startups, in Cambridge and Boston, MA. I hopped back and forth as an event coordinator and then landed in Cambridge as a relationship manager on the sales team. Most recently, I spent a year in Florida working for GL Homes.
Post-MBA plans: Brand or Product Management
Favorite thing about Rochester: There are so many quirky coffee shops to spend time in; if you study at Boulder on Wednesday nights, you can catch Open Mic Night, and if you spend an afternoon at Village Bakery, you can transition to the rooftop deck at Trata. It’s also really nice to be within driving distance to family again.
Favorite thing about Simon: I know the name of every person in my class, and I am slowly getting to know the second years—I realize that isn’t something I would be lucky enough to do in a class of 600+ people. On top of that, my classmates are incredibly supportive—from life to classes to job searching, everyone is open and encouraging.
Why Simon: I chose Simon because of the warm, friendly environment. During my first visit, I saw how alumni were welcomed back with open arms, and I was surprised to be known by name. I hadn’t considered small class sizes a must-have at that point, but I realized I wanted to be on a first-name basis with professors and staff, friendly with my classmates, and known by the career center. Business school is hard enough without feeling lost in the crowd!
Simon clubs: Simon Women in Business, Simon Marketing Association, Simon Data Analytics, Simon Real Estate Club, UNCorked

2020 ADM AA Daniela Del Risco

Daniela Del Risco, Class of 2021

Hometown: Great Falls, VA
Undergraduate school and major: Virginia Commonwealth University, Mass Communications
Pre-MBA career: Marketing
Post-MBA plans: Marketing
Favorite thing about Rochester: There are so many different activities! Beautiful hikes, wineries, and very unique restaurants.
Favorite thing about Simon: The people—best people ever!
Why Simon: I wanted to focus on my quantitative skills and was very interested in STEM.
Simon clubs: Graduate Business Council; Simon Volunteers; Simon Marketing Association; Latin American Students of Simon; Consortium board member; Forté

2020 ADM AA Lettie Goldsberry

Lettie Goldsberry, Class of 2021

Hometown: Columbia, SC
Undergraduate school and major: Howard University, Business Administration
Academic focus: Strategy and Marketing
Pre-MBA career: Marketing Research, Nielsen
Post-MBA plans: Marketing Manager
Favorite thing about Rochester: Lake Ontario
Favorite thing about Simon: Getting to know my classmates
Why Simon: I got a chance to visit multiple schools while considering where I wanted to pursue my MBA. Simon was the only place where I felt at home, where people went out of their way to support me. Simon believed in my potential and has been a partner throughout the way to help me realize these goals.
Simon clubs: National Black Associate, Simon Marketing Association, Simon Data Analytics, Simon Volunteers, Simon Says

2020 ADM AA Neha Krishnan

Neha Krishnan, Class of 2021

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Undergraduate school and major: Binghamton University, Management Information Systems and Spanish
Pre-MBA career: KPMG, Risk Consulting for Financial Services; Navigant, Management Consulting for Banking, Insurance, and Capital Markets
Post-MBA plans: Discover Financial Services, Strategic Leadership Development Program
Favorite thing about Rochester: Finger Lakes
Favorite thing about Simon: The close-knit community
Why Simon: Diversity of the student population
Simon clubs: Forté; Simon VISION Consulting; Latin American Students of Simon; I also participate in PIECES, an educational partnership with Rochester City Schools

2020 ADM AA Kelly OBrien

Kelly O'Brien, Class of 2022

Hometown: Niagara Falls, NY
Undergraduate school and major: Fordham University, American Studies
Pre-MBA career: I worked in higher education, arts administration, and public policy. I also just completed my MS in Urban Studies!
Post-MBA plans: I'm pivoting into strategy consulting. I have two interdisciplinary degrees, and I absolutely love seeing how different disciplines attack the same problems. As a consultant, I'm looking forward to working with a wide range of smart people across sectors and industries.
Favorite thing about Rochester: The vernacular architecture! So many houses are decades—if not centuries—old and are absolutely beautiful to look at. I also love being within a two-hour drive of my family for the first time in over a decade.
Favorite thing about Simon: The diversity. Simonites go out of their way to engage with difference.
Why Simon: I knew I wanted to come to Simon after Women's Weekend in 2019, when not one but TWO current students reached out after the weekend was over. I wanted to surround myself with people who cared like that.
Simon clubs: Consulting Club; Simon VISION Consulting; Simon Women in Business; Simon UNCorked

2020 ADM AA Marcel Roos

Marcel Roos, Class of 2021

Hometown: Pretoria, South Africa
Undergraduate school and major: University of Pretoria, Bachelor’s in Accounting, Master’s in Finance
Academic focus: Finance and Analytics
Pre-MBA career: Investment analyst in the asset management industry
Post-MBA plans: Investment banking or corporate finance
Favorite thing about Rochester: Rochester provides the best of small town and big city living. There is a lot to do, indoors and outdoors. However, it has a more relaxed pace and a low cost of living.
Favorite thing about Simon: I love how welcoming and supportive the Simon community is. Everyone cares for each other and pride themselves on selflessly ensuring that everyone succeeds.
Why Simon: I see Simon’s MBA as the nexus between deep theoretical knowledge and crucial soft skills, such as leadership skills and communication skills. Simon’s STEM designation is testament to the analytical lens that they use to teach all facets of business education. This makes it the ideal program to cultivate my analytical aptitude and refine my existing skillset. Technology is the primary driving force behind global growth and has created a massive demand for leaders who can manage people in this industry. Simon’s smaller class sizes, rich diversity, and strong culture of inclusivity fosters the development of the soft skills required to be a leader in a digitally-driven world.
Simon clubs: Simon Finance & Investment Club, Simon School Venture Fund, Simon Volunteers

2020 ADM AA Matthew Sisto

Matthew Sisto, Class of 2021

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Undergraduate school and major: University of Rochester, History and Japanese Language/Culture
Pre-MBA career: Middle/High School English Teacher, Welder, Welding Supply Sales, and Machine Repair
Post-MBA plans: Product management or Leadership Development Program in the automotive industry
Favorite thing about Rochester: The food. We have so many great restaurants!
Favorite thing about Simon: The sense of community. These aren't just my peers, but lifelong friends.
Why Simon: Absolutely because of the academic rigor and the STEM-designated degree. I feel so prepared for the workplace, and I was able to add significant value during my internship because of Simon's preparation.
Simon clubs: Net Impact (current VP of Corporate Social Responsibility and Net Impact Liaison)

2020 ADM AA Cagney Spears


Cagney Spears, Class of 2021

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Undergraduate school and major: Valdosta State University, Office Administration and Technology
Pre-MBA career: Retail and E-Commerce Management
Post-MBA plans: Marketing and Strategy
Favorite thing about Rochester: The weekend Farmer's Market! You can find everything and anything there.
Favorite thing about Simon: My classmates. I loved spending my first year building relationships I know will last a lifetime. Also the ability to create the change you want to see very early on at Simon.
Why Simon: The community! I love how diverse and inclusive Simon is. As a Black woman, I value the fact that I am never the only person of color in a room.
Simon clubs: Consortium Liaison; Simon Marketing Association; Simon Women in Business

2020 ADM AA Odochi Uwazuike

Odochi Uwazurike, Class of 2022

Hometown: Inwood, NY
Undergraduate school and major: Dartmouth College, Religion and Psychological and Brain Sciences
Pre-MBA career: Before Simon, I was the survivorship and young adult program coordinator at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, NY, for seven years.
Post-MBA plans: Healthcare Strategy/Consulting
Favorite thing about Rochester: The bustling culinary scene. I’m a huge foodie, so having so many restaurants to check out while exploring the city is extremely exciting!
Favorite thing about Simon: I love Simon’s idyllic location on the University of Rochester campus. Tucked perfectly between the Interfaith Chapel and Rush Rhees Library, Simon sits in the most charming nook on campus. The best part of this is all the impromptu scenic photoshoots we get to take “for the ’gram.”
Why Simon: I chose Simon because every time I visited the campus, the staff, faculty, students, and alumni always made me feel like I was “at home.” From my very first correspondence with the Admissions Team over email and text (yes, they are that cool that they offer to text you) to meeting my future classmates at Scholarship Weekend, it always felt like Simon was the right fit for me.
Simon clubs: Simon Black Student Alliance; Simon Life Sciences; Simon Africa Business Club; Simon UNCorked

2020 ADM AA Khushi Vijayakumar

Khushi Vijayakumar, Class of 2021

Hometown: Bangalore, India
Undergraduate school and major: National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal, Bachelor of Technology
Pre-MBA career: Nomura, Equity Structuring (Global Markets)
Post-MBA plans: William Blair, Investment Banking
Favorite thing about Rochester: The hues of fall
Favorite thing about Simon: Faces fast became family. A home away from home!
Why Simon: The diverse body of Simon resonates the drive to be “ever better.” Everyone is cheering, encouraging, and paving the way, not just for themselves but for everyone around them too. The support system, especially for international students, is impeccable.
Simon clubs: Simon School Venture Fund; Meliora Fund; UNCorked


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