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Teamwork and leadership take more than just talent. They require a strong sense of self and an understanding of and ability to work with others at a high level. The most successful teams consist of people with diverse skills, who trust one another and work well together. As part of your onboarding, you will go through a Matrix Insights Interaction Styles assessment that will provide you with a deeper understanding of your personal/professional style and provide you a deeper understanding of what makes you, you!

By understanding Interaction Styles, individuals and teams can take advantage of multiple perspectives and skills to achieve the team's objective. Through the Interaction Styles assessment and during Orientation team build programming, you and your MBA cohort team members will be able to understand and value multiple perspectives and learn how to interact and effectively manage conflict when it occurs.

The Interaction Styles assessment will enhance your team development and team building competencies that professional recruiters are looking for in today's job market.

Check back in May for instructions on how to access Matrix Insights.

Due: TBA

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