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Online Excel Training Module

Microsoft Excel is one of the most important tools you'll use in your courses, internships, and jobs after graduation. Therefore, a high degree of facility with it is not just an advantage, but an absolute necessity. An online Excel training has been created to ensure that you arrive at Simon with the adequate level of proficiency in this important tool.

The training starts with an assessment and then connects you to online tutorials and resources. It has been split into two parts to make it more convenient for you; all students are required to complete the entire assessment (both parts) at least once by the due date given below. While we will be monitoring your progress to see if you have completed this requirement, rest assured that we will not use your assessment scores for any evaluative purposes either in our classes or other activities.

Admitted MBA students are expected to complete Excel Training in Blackboard. Check back in May for instructions on how to access the training.

May Starts
Due: TBA

August Starts
Due: TBA

Refer to the Enrollment Guide for your next step.

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