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Sarah Hasan

Sarah Hasan, MS in Accountancy

Hometown: Markham, Ontario, Canada
Undergraduate school and major: Okanagan College, Business Administration
Pre-MS career: Prior to joining Simon, I worked as an accountant at a local firm. Before that, I worked at one of the largest banks in Canada in a financial advisor role.
Post-MS plans: Financial Analyst or Auditor
Favorite thing about Rochester: The lake, coffee shops, and the nature!
Favorite thing about Simon: I love how incredibly supportive the staff and professors are at Simon. Even before I joined, I got tons of helpful career tips and advice. It made me feel that Simon really cared about my future post-graduation. Also, the campus is beautiful!
Why Simon: I found the program to be competitive and offer various skillsets that stood out from other institutions. With everything being so focused on data analytics recently, I liked that the MSA program went beyond the typical accounting curriculum and had a STEM designation. The smaller class sizes and the close-knit community here at Simon was also another factor that helped me make my decision.
Simon clubs: I plan to join Simon VISION Consulting and Simon Women in Business.

Collin Tracy

Collin Tracy, MS in Business Analytics

Hometown: Colleyville, TX
Undergraduate school and major: University of North Texas, Economics and Minor in Music
Pre-MS career: Data visualization in the private investigation industry
Post-MS plans: Moving to Canada and hopefully working in the gaming industry
Favorite thing about Rochester: The beautiful trails
Favorite thing about Simon: The diversity and inclusion is second to none!
Why Simon: I chose Simon because it offers one of the top job placement programs in the world.
Simon clubs: Simon Pricing Club; Simon Data Analytics; Simon VISION Consulting

Chidera Altraide

Chidera Altraide, MS in Finance

Hometown: Lake Charles, LA
Undergraduate school and major: St. John’s University, Economics
Pre-MS career: Client Relationship Manager
Post-MS plans: To work in the financial services industry as an equity research analyst or in advisory services.
Favorite thing about Rochester: The duality of it—a city-like feel with tons of nature around! There is a diverse array of things to see and do.
Favorite thing about Simon: The close-knit community atmosphere; it really does feel like a second family.
Why Simon: It walks what it talks. Simon boasts being one of the best analytical MSF programs in the country, and I see proof of that in the program, its current students, and alumni.
Simon clubs: Simon Finance and Investment Club; Simon Master’s Association

2020 ADM AA Jialin (Jane) Huo

Jialin (Jane) Huo, MS in Finance

Hometown: Shanghai, China
Undergraduate school and major: University of Rochester, Business Finance and Art History
Post-MS plans: Financial Advisory Services
Favorite thing about Rochester: The history, the culture, and the artistic involvement would get you on an exciting and endless journey in exploring the community!
Favorite thing about Simon: The people. The faculty, staff, and my classmates are incredibly supportive and encouraging. Everyone gets to receive enough attention, and no one gets left out.
Why Simon: The programs at Simon put equal weight on technical skills and soft skills training. The rigorous and innovative curriculum brings leverage to the students’ quantitative and analytical aptitude. Simon’s richly diverse student profiles and the wide range of extracurricular opportunities definitely help the students in honing their communication and leadership skills.
Simon clubs: Simon Finance and Investment Club; Real Estate Association at Simon (REAS)

Svarina Karwanyun


Svarina Karwanyun, MS in Marketing Analytics

Hometown: Mumbai, India
Undergraduate school and major: University of Rochester, Film and Media and Economics 
Pre-MS career: Social Media/Digital Marketing
Post-MS plans: Social Media Analytics/Market Research
Favorite thing about Rochester: The Rochester community, Highland Park, Memorial Art Gallery (MAG), Strong Museum of Play, Park Ave restaurants, and of course, The U of R River Campus!
Favorite thing about Simon: The Rotunda, the staff/faculty, and the alumni!
Why Simon: After my undergrad at U of R, Simon felt like home and the only place I wanted to carry forward my education! The alumni network and the availability of the faculty members had a huge impact on me as well. I also was really impressed by the Benet Career Management Center's services. All in all, I felt like it was an extremely supportive and engaging environment.
Simon clubs: President of the Master's Advisory Council

Xinze Yu

Xinze Yu, MS in Marketing Analytics

Hometown: Shenyang, China
Undergraduate school and major: University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Economics and Minor in Statistics
Pre-MS career: Digital Marketing/Brand Management
Post-MS plans: Marketing Consulting/Social Media Analytics/Brand Management
Favorite thing about Rochester: The environment is quiet but with lots of hidden energy inside.
Favorite thing about Simon: Faculty and staff are supportive and willing to connect with you, and they want everyone who chooses Simon to be successful in their future career.
Why Simon: With its scientific curriculum, top-notch faculty who truly care about their students, and preparation for the future job market, I chose Simon for all it offers. I’m excited to deepen my expertise at a top-notch institution where I am able to analyze various cases written by professors and meet with real-life clients to understand their needs.
Simon clubs: Simon Vision Consulting; I also plan on joining Simon Marketing Association.


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