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Academic Expenses


Travel Expenses

Travel expenses to Rochester are not included in living expenses since the amount allotted will vary considerably by individual student. Please also note that the estimated budget provided does not factor in travel expenses related to the internship and job search, as that amount varies significantly by student.

Cost of Living

Your own living and personal expenses could be quite different from our estimated budget depending on your preferences, family size, and living arrangements.

If you receive similar information from other universities, you may notice that the estimated living expenses in Rochester are lower than those in many cities like Chicago, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles.

Health Fees

The health fee is mandatory for all University students and cannot be waived. The fee covers unlimited primary care visits to the University Health Service (UHS) and will be included on your tuition billing statement. For more information about the services covered by the mandatory health fee, visit the UHS website.

Health Insurance

University-sponsored health insurance is provided to all full-time students. Additional information will be provided in May.

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