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Diversity and Educational Clubs

As the 8th most diverse Full-Time MBA program in the nation, Simon’s dynamic student body represents cultures and ideas from all over the world. Diversity and educational clubs celebrate and educate the Simon community. Simon's diversity gives you an edge on understanding the global and connected world in which we work.

Latin American Students of Simon (LASOS)

Latin American Students of Simon (LASOS) provides our community with knowledge and exposure to the Latin American student community, region, and business environment. LASOS programming focuses on celebrating students’ Latin American culture, educating the Simon community, and career development and information exchange in partnership with other Simon clubs. LASOS plays an important role in supporting incoming students to adapt and adjust to life at Simon through a friendly environment. LASOS is open to all students interested in Latin economy, culture, and diversity.

Simon Africa Business Club (SABC)

Simon African Business Club (SABC) provides a platform that connects Simon Business School academics, students, and professionals to raise interest, awareness, and understanding of the African business landscape. We strive to raise awareness and provide support for Simon students seeking business and career opportunities in Africa and across the world. We also strive to campaign for coverage of relevant topics and cases about African economic landscape in Simon’s academic and social programming.

Simon Club Europe

Our mission is to promote Europe and provide a platform that introduces Simon Business School students to the European culture, values, and business practices. We strive to develop a community that fosters the European spirit at Simon and the University of Rochester. Club Europe will continue to build and strengthen the relationships between the school and the European companies and organizations based in the U.S. We promote the Simon brand by organizing different social, informative, and professional events.


Simon Black Student Alliance

Simon Black Student Alliance provides a forum for students who are interested in the issues concerning the economic advancement of African Americans in the United States. Our members participate in activities designed to promote and enhance professional, academic, and personal achievement. We accomplish our mission by offering excellent career guidance, professional development, mentorship, workshops, guest speakers, and volunteer and community service opportunities to our members. Throughout the school year, club members strive to enrich each club member's MBA experience, Simon Business School, the University of Rochester, and the Rochester community.

Simon Gay Straight Alliance - 730 x 400

Simon Spectrum

Simon Spectrum’s mission is to foster and build an inclusive community and safe space at the Simon Business School by allowing our members to blossom in both their personal and professional identities. Through programming, we provide the Simon Community with access to proper and relevant education surrounding LGBTQ issues as related to the workplace.  We engage with the greater University of Rochester and local LGBTQ community through volunteerism and philanthropy.


Simon Women in Business - 730 x 400

Simon Women in Business (SWiB)

Simon Women in Business (SWiB) builds camaraderie among female students at Simon and provide the tools, resources, and personal and professional connections to help launch them into fulfilling internships and careers. SWiB’s partnerships with NAWMBA and Forté Foundation enhance their members’ professional resources and opportunities, while strengthening our community across Simon, the University of Rochester, and the Rochester region.



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