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Forms to Complete

Before you are able to begin classes at Simon Business School, there are a number of forms that require completion. Please refer to the links below.


UR Tuition Waiver Forms

UR employees are responsible for determining their tuition waiver eligibility, filling out the tuition waiver forms, and obtaining the appropriate supervisor approval. Please consult your supervisor and HR Representative for information about your specific tuition coverage.

This process must be done every semester (including the final fall semester of the program when classes do not meet, but 6 credits of project work are being completed) and is the policy of the University for all UR employees receiving tuition benefits.

Tuition waivers are available online through HRMS and become available after you have been registered for courses and  student billing is generated through our UR Student system. Please watch for notifications indicating that you can submit your tuition waiver in @Rochester shortly before the beginning of each semester.

Tuition Reimbursement Forms

Students who are NOT University employees but who receive tuition reimbursement MAY need to fill out the Employer Sponsored Payment Form and get the appropriate supervisor’s signature. This applies to benefits programs that pay tuition after the course is completed. Once completed, the form needs to be returned to the University Bursar’s Office at the address on the bottom of the form.

This process must be done every academic term (including the final fall term when classes do not meet, but 6 credits of project work are being completed).

Immunization Forms

Please note that this is required, even if  you already have health history information on file with URMC. See Enrollment Guide for link and instructions.  URMC employees who have health history records on file should read through the FAQs. You will see that you may be able to obtain your records from Occupational Environmental Medicine, but you are responsible for obtaining the records and sending them to University Health Services with the Immunization Compliance Form.

Bio Form

(see Enrollment Guide for information)

Matrix Insights Interaction Styles Lens

(see Enrollment Guide for information)

Orientation Response Form

(see Enrollment Guide for information)

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