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Engage, Inspire, Enhance, and Connect

As a Simon Business School alum, you are a key part of our past, present, and future. Whether you’re down the street or an ocean away, just starting your career or have made it to the top, you’ll always be a member of the Simon community.

The School, our students, and your fellow graduates depend on active and engaged alumni, like you, to continually strengthen our network. Your time and expertise can make a difference. We invite you to explore the many different opportunities to get involved.

Engage the Alumni Network
Help our alumni network of over 15,000 stay informed and connected with the School through events and updates. Your alumni community continues to grow with each passing year, let's make it ever better.

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Take a leadership role to advance our community.

be a speaker

Lend your expertise as a speaker. The School utilizes alumni speakers throughout the year for a variety of events.

be a regional alumni network leader

Develop engaging programming in your region, encourage event attendance, and serve as a contact for local alumni and new grads.

be an event host

Host or sponsor Simon events on campus or on the road.

be a simon night out host

Host a happy hour in your city for area alumni.

connect through linkedin

Join the Simon Business School Alumni + Student Networking Group and follow University of Rochester- Simon Business School. Connect on LinkedIn.

serve as a class correspondent

Gather news (marriages, births, promotions, awards, and honors) from your classmates to include in Simon Business Magazine.

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Inspire Prospective Students
You know what it takes to succeed at Simon and can help prospective students understand the path from academics to career. Alumni are our strongest assets for student referrals and your firsthand insights are invaluable to candidates during the admission process.

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Help us attract the next generation of Simon talent.

host a corporate event

We seek corporate locations for Admissions events around the globe throughout the year. Contact us, if you are interested in hosting an event at your location.

refer prospective students

Do you know talented students or employees who are considering or applying to business school? Encourage them to come to Simon. Referred candidates will have their application fees waived to encourage their interest in Simon.

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Enhance Students' Professional and Career Development
Speak from experience and share your expertise. You can make a difference by mentoring current students and connecting with student clubs and organizations.
Your insights can make a difference.

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Your insights can make a difference.

serve as an executive in residence

Spend a day at Simon meeting with students who can benefit from senior-level current industry expertise.

be an alumni mentor

We invite you to connect with a current student a few times a month—in person, by phone, or through Skype— to provide one-on-one career development advice.

be an international career mentor

If you are an international professional or are working globally, we will connect you with a group of Simon international students from your region who are interested in your advice on conducting a global job search and building a global career.

serve on a career function advisory board

Help our Career Management Center make key decisions on professional skill building programs and business development strategies for specific functional areas. Offer industry-specific career advice, résumé critiques, and mock interviews for current students seeking internships or full-time positions.

Alumni Spotlight: bring your knowlege and expertise to campus

You can make a real impact on the personal and professional development of Simon Business Students by participating in an ‘Alumni Spotlight’. This type of session sees alumni offering professional advice and guidance to students through small group luncheons and 1:1 coaching sessions.

Meliora Collective: Be an alumni mentor

The Benet Career Center uses the University of Rochester Alumni Mentoring platform called Meliora Collective. This new, innovative technology allows students to view information about University of Rochester alumni, and establish personal meetings through the unique scheduling system of Meliora Collective.

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be a club alumni advisor

Leverage your experience and background to offer guidance for student clubs and organizations, ranging from academic and experiential opportunities to social and sports clubs.

sponsor a client-based project

Work with one of our student teams on a real-life project and get solutions informed by Simon’s renowned curriculum, while offering students hands-on learning opportunities.

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Connect Simon Students with Career Opportunities
Advocate for Simon within your organization. You can help strengthen Simon's name recognition and reputation with recruiters by opening doors for our students, alumni, and business development staff with companies and organizations that can benefit from Simon talent. Partner with us to unlock career development opportunities for Simon students.

More information about connecting Simon students with career opportunities

Partner with us to unlock career development opportunities for Simon students.

sponsor a student corporate visit

Host a group of Simon students interested in your company or industry at your organization. You can also help arrange for our staff or faculty to visit on-site to learn more about career opportunities and the recruiting process for MBA and MS students. We sponsor treks, trips, and visits throughout the year for students in New York City; Silicon Valley; Washington, D.C.; Rochester and other locations.

sponsor a benet center career trek

The Benet Career Management Center hosts career treks globally to educate and inform students about the various career choices open to a graduate business candidate. We sponsor career treks in the following locations: Metro-New York, Boston, San Francisco + Silicon Valley, Seattle, Austin, Shanghai + Beijing, plus other locations.

sponsor campus recruiting

Connect us with your University Recruiting team or hiring manager to arrange for campus-sponsored or virtual interviews for our students.

recruit and hire Simon students and graduates

Do you have a full-time position, internship, or long-term project that could be filled by one of our talented graduate or undergraduate students? Let’s us promote your opportunity through the University of Rochester job posting system called Handshake. Your listing will be shared with the talented pool of students from across all majors at the University of Rochester.

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