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Challenges present opportunities. Together, we can take this moment to think creatively about developing and adapting business models to shape and fit the future of work. Together, we can use this year’s unprecedented disruption to launch Simon’s next chapter of excellence in business education, targeting four critical areas:

  1. Investment in Future Leaders
  2. Intellectual Capital
  3. Leadership and Innovation with Equity and Inclusion
  4. Career Opportunities


01. Investment in Future Leaders

Scholarships and student aid are critical to attract outstanding scholars from diverse backgrounds and give them the freedom to pursue their education, explore professional pathways, and elevate their careers regardless of their financial circumstances. With students facing additional challenges in the current economic environment, financial aid is more pressing than ever. Today, 90% of Simon’s scholarships come from operating funds, meaning philanthropic gifts cover just 10% of annual financial aid costs. Growing our endowment and current-use scholarship funds will help raise the quality of each incoming class and further enhance Simon’s reputation. It will also place Simon on a more even playing field with better-funded peer schools and allow more operating funds to be invested in key resources and programming that improve students’ experience and career development.

02. Intellectual Capital

Academic rigor and a robust intellectual environment are at the heart of Simon’s reputation. Our faculty generate new knowledge and influence business models to help the world create and adapt to change. They are not only regarded as leading researchers in their fields, but also are consistently recognized by students and colleagues for their pedagogical excellence, ensuring our graduates are equipped with cutting-edge concepts and an interdisciplinary approach with a quantitative focus, to solve complex problems and emerge as leaders in their fields.

03. Leadership and Innovation with Equity and Inclusion

Simon is proud to have one of the most diverse student populations among top U.S. business schools. Emboldening this strength while investing in additional programs and strategies to spur culture change, bring new voices and approaches to campus, and increase the diversity of our faculty and staff, will build a more equitable and inclusive learning environment. These enhancements will empower Simon to prepare students to be global leaders, capable of effectively managing diverse workplaces and leveraging the full potential of their organizations to address complex problems with innovative solutions.

04. Career Opportunities

Simon is responding to the current challenges of the pandemic and the changing future of work by offering students best-in-class programming through the Office of Student Engagement and the Jay S. and Jeanne Benet Career Management Center. The Office of Student Engagement facilitates experiential learning opportunities and co-curricular activities to provide students the chance to develop their skills and grow professionally and personally through immersive experiences outside of the classroom. The Benet Career Management Center works closely with students to develop and execute customized action plans that maximize their educational experience and skills development at Simon so they can realize their objectives upon graduation. With ongoing economic volatility, alumni support is essential to position our future business leaders for success in today’s challenging job market and beyond.


Along with your gift, there are countless other ways to get involved to help Simon this year and beyond:

  • Sponsor an intern
  • Refer an admissions candidate
  • Use your network to help a student
  • Host an event
  • Offer full-time employment
  • Share your expertise

Together—with your support—let’s move through these challenging times and begin Simon’s next chapter. Thank you.

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