Simon Business School

Strategic Plan

Simon 2020, A Strategic Plan for Continuous Improvement

The ranking of a business school determines its ability to succeed on many critical fronts: hiring and retaining top faculty, attracting quality students, and connecting with desired recruiters. We already have many of the key elements needed to be a top 25 school. A sufficiently focused effort by Simon faculty, administration, staff, and alumni will improve our performance and enable Simon to once again rank among the nation's top 25 business schools.

Our definition of the top 25 is that the Full-Time MBA program be ranked 25 or better between July 2020 and June 2021, using a weighted average of US News (50%), BusinessWeek (30%), Financial Times (US Schools; 10%), and The Economist (US Schools; 10%). 

How We'll Advance the School's Rankings

The School will focus on improving the five key components that determine the ranking, including:

  • Student Engagement and Satisfaction
  • Peer and Recruiter Perception
  • Faculty Recruitment and Retention
  • Student Placement
  • Admissions Quality

How You can Help

Giving to Simon helps provide additional resources that will positively impact each of these five key components. While unrestricted dollars are most coveted, gifts directed to support an endowed scholarship or a George Eastman Circle scholarship are a current priority. Invest in Simon, and help your school get back to where it belongs, The Top 25.


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