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Hiring International Students

To compete in the global economy, companies need smart, competitively trained, global talent. Approximately 60 percent of Simon MS and MBA Students are international.

Why Hire International Students from Simon

  • Global commitment—Simon’s historical focus has been on attracting internationally diverse students. For over two decades, more than 50 percent of Simon’s incoming class has been from other countries. Our curriculum and programs are designed to enhance the academic and cultural experience of diverse international candidates.
  • Multicultural, Multilingual—Familiarity with language, customs, and business practices in emerging markets, coupled with rigorous academic training at Simon, ensures the best qualified candidates for international companies.
  • World-class education—Recruiters and hiring managers from multinational and global companies remark about the intellectual agility, extensive quantitative and analytical training, and teamwork skills of Simon candidates.
  • Problem-solving abilities—Simon international candidates are trained using the Frame, Analyze, Communicate (FACt) approach to solving complex business problems. That distinctive training, combined with their own experience in doing business in other countries, uniquely brings new perspectives and problem-solving skills to organizations. Students have experience in their home cultures as well as in the US, and can bring that knowledge to the workplace.
  • Adaptability and work ethic—International candidates demonstrate the ability, desire, and perseverance to acculturate and learn in a different country. Simon candidates know how to manage change.
  • Diversity and leadership—Simon has recruited talented candidates from over 130 countries, and has developed them to become global leaders and change agents to deliver growth.
  • Commitment—Because of the complexities of changing jobs on a work visa, international candidates tend to stay with employers longer. This helps reduce talent recruitment costs, inspires loyalty, and improves retention rates.
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