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Opportunities for Employers

Short-Term Summer Employment

Most international students hold F-1 visas. Under this type of visa, students are eligible for Practical Training--short-term employment in the United States (up to 12 to 15 months) in conjunction with their academic program. This arrangement is suitable for either summer interns or graduating students and is easy to facilitate. To hire an international student with an F-1 visa for summer employment (internships) or full-time employment after graduation, the employer simply sends the student an offer letter on official letterhead and includes the following information: name and address of employer, name of intended hire’s immediate supervisor, position title and brief job description, beginning and ending dates, and salary. Students will work in conjunction with the International Services Office (ISO) of the University of Rochester to obtain work authorization.

Short-Term US Employment After Graduation

Many organizations choose to hire international students for short-term training in the United States followed by permanent employment in either the US or the student’s home country. If you have employment needs outside the U.S., international students are a great resource. Their education, combined with their knowledge of multiple languages and cultures, is an asset to any international organization. Students who hold an F-1 visa and have been enrolled as full-time students for the previous nine months can apply for a maximum of twelve months of Optional Practical Training within the US. The student is responsible for all application procedures, so this process is not time-consuming for employers.

Long-Term US Employment

Many international students are such strong candidates that organizations choose to work with them to arrange for long-term employment in the US. Although citizenship situations vary according to the student, his or her home country, and other factors, most Human Resources departments are familiar with the process involved in obtaining an H-1B visa.


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