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We Enter Prepared

A Simon degree is more than a piece of paper from a top-tier buisness school. Our graduates enter the workforce with real-world, hands-on experience and the skills needed to handle even the most complex business challenges.

Along with high value internships with industry-leading companies we prepare our graduates for today’s competitive business climate through innovative and relevant curriculum, case competitions, practical experience models, and our rigorous FACt-based curriculum (Frame, Analyze, Communicate).

Knowing how to frame business opportunities and challenges, analyze the costs and benefits, and present compelling data-driven solutions is the foundation of the Simon education, and what Simon graduates deliver to companies every day.

World Class Candidates

Simon graduates are among the best and brightest. We have one of the most diverse and highest performing student bodies, educated by world-class faculty who are thought leaders and pioneers in business research and analytics.

Because Simon graduates are strategic problem solvers who are successful in today’s marketplace, Simon has earned consistently high ratings from corporate recruiters, competing business schools, and leading business publications from around the world.

A World Leader

Simon Business School has one of the premier faculties in the world, excelling in both teaching and research. Simon is known worldwide for its academic excellence and ability to prepare students to be cross-functional and analytical problem solvers, while developing their business acumen and collaborative skills. The Simon curriculum broadens business perspectives for careers in an increasingly competitive and complex business world. Our graduates utilize state-of-the-art techniques for analysis learned from top industry thought leaders. Through Simon’s rigorous training and expert instruction, our graduates know how to approach the complexities of today’s global markets using the School’s FACt-based approach (Frame, Analyze, Communicate) for problem solving.

MS Graduates 

Simon's Master of Science programs prepare graduates to enter the global business world. These specialized degrees provide students with techniques, allowing them to be expert and effective problem solvers for the world’s top firms. With our renowned economics-based instruction, a Simon graduate will bring to your organization the necessary skills to frame relevant market issues, access and apply appropriate market data for analysis, and communicate sound and well-thought solutions. MS graduates offer businesses the opportunity to employ early career leaders who have MBA-level training in analytic-based decision making. These capable students balance the cost/value equation by offering firms the opportunity to employ top talent at below MBA market rates.

MBA Graduates

The Full-Time MBA curriculum provides our graduates with a framework for solving complex problems and making informed business decisions. This comprehensive curriculum built around core business courses and in-depth areas of concentration offers a foundation for sound management through exposure to all of the functional areas of business and specialization in areas that best prepare students for their chosen career fields. Our students also gain in-depth knowledge of individual and organizational dynamics through participation in class cohorts and small student teams. Simon MBA graduates have the skills needed to analyze information and find effective and creative solutions to even the toughest business challenges. It’s what sets our people apart, making them a valued part of any team.

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