Programs >> The Executive MBA Professional MBA (PMBA) Part-Time Medical Management

Same degree as the Full-Time MBA with an accelerated, lockstep program for experienced business professionals.

Same degree as the Full-Time MBA with a cohort style program for core courses, for business professionals.

Health care professionals develop finance, operations, and strategic decision-making skills.

Start Date


September and March


Program Length

19 months of coursework
with summers off

Average of 3.3 years to complete
0 to 2 courses per quarter (minimum 2.5 years, maximum 7 years)

15 months
2 courses per quarter

Program Requirements

18 courses, lockstep program for core electives (54 credits)

20 courses
9 core, 11 electives (64 credits)

10 courses (30 credits)

Program Emphasis

General management focus

11 areas of concentration
plus 4 tracks

Health sector

Class Schedule

Every other Saturday, one Friday per month

Monday through Thursday, classes offered in the evening, one to two nights per week

One night per week, one weekend per month

Average Work Experience

13.5 years

6.5 years

11 years

Admissions Requirements

Bachelor’s degree, essays, résumé, letters of recommendation, and interview

Bachelor’s degree, GMAT or GRE (may be waived), résumé, essay, and letter of recommendation 

Bachelor’s degree, résumé, interview, recommendation

Financial Assistance

Scholarships available; 
student loans available

Scholarships available;
student loans available for matriculated students taking 2 courses per quarter


Merit-based scholarships;
student loans available

Career Services

Services available to self-sponsored EMBA students

Services available to matriculated students

Services available to matriculated students

Application Deadlines

Fall Quarter: June 15

Fall Quarter: August 15
Spring Quarter: February 15

Fall Quarter: October 15, November 15, 

January 5, March 15, and May 15


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