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Dean's Office

Dean Sevin Yeltekin 585-275-3316   
Executive Assistant to the Dean Teri Sciarabba 585-275-6334
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research Ronald Goettler 585-275-8920
Associate Dean of the Full-Time Programs Greg Bauer 585-276-4243
Assistant Dean of Administration Jim Newton 585-273-1756
Dean's Office Assistant Anjali Thomson    

Academic and Financial Operations

Director, Academic Personnel Ashley Beyer 585-275-1452
Director, Operations AJ Warner 585-275-0328
Operations Assistant Leanne Averill 585-276-7366
Assistant Director, HR Operations Stacy Celata 585-273-4622
Manager of Faculty Systems & Support Kelly Bruno 585-275-8305
Faculty Support Team  
   Faculty Support Team Lead Melanie Martin 585-275-8195
   Faculty Assistant Kathleen DeFazio 585-275-8171
   Faculty Assistant Shantia Floyd-Walker 585-275-8161
   Faculty Assistant Jessica McDermott 585-275-1023


Executive Director of Finance and Rankings Brian Donovan 585-273-4830
Sr. Staff Accountant Joseph Kreel 585-275-4968

Simon Technology Services

Executive Director of Simon Technology Services Steven Clary 585-275-2511
Associate Director, Development Operations Pete Fosler 585-276-3443
Assistant Director, Technology Services & Faculty Support Kelly Bruno 585-275-8305
Director of Instructional Design Michele Messenger 585-275-4297
IT Coordinator Andrea Mosher 585-273-5100
Technical Support Team    
   Helpdesk 585-275-4407
   Help Desk Manager Mary Linton 585-273-1106  
   Assistant Director Jake King 585-276-3617
   Classroom Operations John Ebert 585-276-4934
   Web Developer & Systems Administrator  Kyle Peterson 585-276-5361

Marketing and Communications

Executive Director, Marketing and Digital Strategy Yael Schneiderman 585-276-4844
Director, Digital Marketing Alex Shipman 585-276-5779
Art Director Tanya Harding 585-276-7747
Project Manager Stacy Celata 585-273-4622
Drupal Developer Matt Hood 585-275-8184
Full Stack Developer Wayne Gormont 585-276-7080
Copywriter Allison Zimmer 585-276-6848
Graphic Designer Samantha Castronova 585-502-8384

Admissions Office

Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Rebekah Lewin 585-275-0492
Executive Assistant and Office Manager Sindy Cantor 585-273-3061
Director of Admissions Analytics Stefanie Attridge 585-273-5226
Assistant Director of Admissions Marketing Heather Cobbett 585-273-5245
Senior Associate Director of Admissions Andrew Brayda 585-275-8451
Senior Associate Director of Admissions Julie Sadwick 585-275-8176
Senior Associate Director of Admissions Jennifer Crandall 585-275-8178
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Nicole Krestos Guzski 585-275-2578
Director of Admissions Operations & Marketing Krista Darling 585-275-8175
MBA/MS Admissions Coordinator  Mariela Castillo 585-273-3063
Assistant Director of Admissions Trista Kukucka 585-273-3376
Events Manager Kait Cirillo 585-276-5970
Admissions Appointment Manager Carrie Bishop 585-273-3059
Information Analyst Roxana Ramirez 585-276-4582
Assistant Director of Operations Erin O'Rourke 585-273-4813
Guest Relations Manager Kirsten Luedke 585-275-3533
Associate Director of Admissions Operations & Financial Aid Caitlin O'Leary 585-275-1645
Assistant Director of Admissions Sharise Kent 585-276-7483
Assistant Director of Admissions Matt McCormick 585-275-9226

Registrar and Academic Operations

Registrar Vicki Aspridy 585-276-3419
Senior Assistant Registrar Amy McNiven 585-276-7842
Assistant Registrar Andrew Smagin 585-275-0140
Assistant Registrar Josh Hamlin 585-275-8071
Director, Academic Operations Jon Ramsey 585-276-6468

Jay S. and Jeanne Benet Career Management Center

Assistant Dean of the Jay S. and Jeanne Benet Career Management Center Angela Petrucco  585-275-2519
Executive Director of Career Education and Professional Development Julie Bazan-Dangelo 585-275-4881
MBA Career Management    
Director, Finance Ron Carlson 585-273-4395
Director, Consulting Andy Tempest 585-273-4448
Director, Marketing Steven Simpson 585-275-4976
MS/Working Professionals Career Management    
Assistant Director, MS Finance Meg Recktenwald 585-275-0479
Assistant Director, MS Finance Helen Wang 585-275-5640
Assistant Director, MS Business Analytics Libby Bakken 585-275-5133
Assistant Director, MS Career Consultant Marc Torchio 585-275-3648
Corporate Engagement    
Director, Corporate Engagement (Remote-NYC) Peter Handley 275-275-4881
Senior Assistant Director Karen Kingsbury 585-273-3094
Corporate Engagement Special Advisor (Remote-LA-P/T) Mark Sullivan  
Recruiting & Events Manager Ariel Ruggeri 585-275-0466
Professional Development    
Director of Professional Development Kelly Umanksy 585-275-2380
Assistant Director of Professional Development Jillian Duggan 585-275-3313
Director of Career Education and Professional Development Megan Litvinenko 585-275-7650
Shared Services    
Office Manager Janelle Kohlman 585-275-4881
Data Manager Harrison Dean 585-275-0091


Executive Director of Simon Advancement Julie Walker 585-273-3265
Senior Director of Donor Engagement Kate Cutaia 585-275-2495
Director of Advancement Brad Pearson 585-273-4888
Associate Director of Advancement Adam Gasiewicz 585-276-7337
Administrative Assistant Lynne Murphy 585-275-7563
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, Simon  Sarah Thornton 585-275-0705

Office of Student Engagement

Assistant Dean of Students Wendy Clay 585-275-2937
Office Administrator Doris Griffin 585-275-5247
Executive and Professional Programs    
Executive Director, EMBA and Part-Time Molly Mesko 585-275-4277
Senior Associate Director, EMBA and NYC Karen Steiner 585-275-3148
Associate Director, EMBA Lee Shannon 585-275-5218
Associate Director of Recruitment, Executive and Professional Programs Joe Sayre 585-749-4238
Associate Director, Part-Time Programs Shawn Denman 585-275-4981
Director of Events Management Josh Jacobs 585-275-2750
Experiential Learning    
Director of Experiential Learning Wayne France 585-275-2748
Associate Director, Experiential Learning Irina Ovcharov 585-275-2515
Advising and Student Life    
Director of Student Life Nathan Kadar 585-275-8852
Associate Director of Student Life Noelle Miller 585-275-8177
Event Support Program Assistant Brittany Grage 585-275-2811
Director of MS Advising Karen Platt 585-275-8041
Associate Director, MBA Advising Dan Compo 585-275-2754
Associate Director, MBA Advising Brad Rosenbaum 585-275-2798
Associate Director, MS Advising Victoria Waldron 585-275-2797
Associate Director, MS Advising Stella Lee 585-275-5866
Project Rep for International Student Support Ying Lu  
Program Assistant Patty DeCillis 585-275-8163

Office of Equity and Inclusion

Director of Equity and Inclusion (E&I) at Simon Business School Janet Mejias 585-275-5218

PhD Program 

Chairman Mitch Lovett 585-276-4020
Director Sue Harris 585-275-2959
Program Assistant Leanne Averill 585-276-7366

Barry Florescue Undergraduate Business Program

Faculty Director Rick Cardot 585-276-3381
Academic Advisor Erin Coffey 585-275-0143
Program Manager Bailey Nixon 585-275-8386


Journal of Accounting and Economics (JAE)    
Editor Joanna Wu 585-275-5468
Journal of Financial Economics (JFE)    
Managing Editor G. William Schwert 585-275​-​2470
Editorial Administrative Assistant Kathleen Madsen 585-275-4269
Journal of Monetary Economics (JME)    
CNRC Advisory Board Ron Goettler 585-275-8920
Editorial Administrative Assistant Susan North 585-275-2523
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