Professor Seidmann
Abraham Seidmann
Xerox Professor
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Computers and Information Systems
  • Operations Management

Curriculum Vitae


Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (Cum Laude)
Major: Production Systems and Controls
Advisor: Professor M.L. Smith
Dissertation Title: "Optimal Assignment of Due-Dates"

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology,
Haifa, Israel
M.Sc., Major: Operations Research
Advisor: Professor E.M. Dar-El
Thesis Title: "Scheduling Systems for Multiple Activity Analysis"

1966 -1970
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology,
Haifa, Israel
B.Sc., Major:
Industrial Engineering and Management


William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration
Xerox Professor of Computers & Information Systems and Operations Management: 1993
Associate Professor: 1989-1992
Professor: 1992
Tenured: 1989
Xerox Chair: 1993

Area Coordinator: Computers and Information Systems, Operations Management, and Operations Research (1990- ).

  • Policy committee
  • Dean Search Committee for Simon School (1991, 2002)
  • Promotion and Tenure Committee (1990 - )
  • Committee on Teaching Excellence (1993-1995, 2010-)
  • Core Curriculum Review (1999)
  • Dean Ten Years Conference Committee
  • Deans’ Evaluation Committees
  • Simon School Building Committee (1999)
  • Chairing several senior faculty review Committee(s)
  • Faculty Senate Committee on the Status of Academic Computing
  • University Standing Committee for Social Sciences (1996-2000)
  • Provost Committee for Vice Provost on Computing (1996)
  • Provost Committee for Searching a University CIO (1998)
  • Dean Search Committee for Simon School (2003)
  • Chair of the School Strategic Task Force (with Professor R. Watts) (2004/5)
  • Provost CIO search committee (2005 - 2006)
  • University Diversity Committee (2008 - 2010)
  • Chair of the Simon School Appointment Committee (2001 - )
  • Simon School Promotion and Tenure Committee (1991- )

Granted the Superior Teaching Award for 1987-1988 by the MBA Class of 1989, and selected as the Top Professor Award by the full time MBA class of 1996, by the Dutch executive MBA class of 2003, and the Swiss Executive class of 2005. Won several times (Fall 1999, Fall 2003, Winter 2006, Summer 2006) the Deans Honor Roll for outstanding MBA teaching.

Granted the Superior Teaching Award for 2009 by the MBA Class of 2010.

Helped in redesigning the courses and the student labs for the following required MBA core courses: "Foundations of Computers and Information Processing," and "Introduction to Management Science Models". These efforts included the introduction of advanced material on the strategic and economic aspects of business information systems. Integrated spreadsheets, data bases, simulation languages and interactive linear programming decision support tools were also incorporated in this effort. Have been actively involved in the current area activities including faculty evaluation, recruiting, seminars and Ph.D. student’s exams and committees. Initiated executive short courses on "Manufacturing Systems Design and Performance Evaluation," and on "Intelligent Manufacturing Systems," that have offered several times through the Center of Manufacturing and Operations Management. Developed and presented a new MBA/Ph D. course for CIS and Finance students on "Financial Information Systems,". Originated and organized two new MS programs in "Management of Information Systems," and in "Manufacturing Information Systems". Developed and implemented a new Ph.D. program in Operations Management and in Computers and Information Systems. These new programs are geared at providing superior training of the students in their core research areas. Member of the five years planning committee for the Simon School (1989-1990), the Promotion and Tenure Committee (1990- 1993, 1995-), the Dean Search Committee (1993), and the Committee on Teaching Excellence (1993-5). Acted as a faculty director for the executive short course program of the Simon School (1994), the Dean Search Committee (2002-2003), Promotion and Tenure Committee (1990-), and Co Chairing the Simon School Strategy Committee (2004-2005).

Current Research
  • Information Systems and Economics
  • Service Management
  • Health Care Management
  • Strategic Management of Manufacturing and Service Systems
  • Technology Management, Development and Innovation
  • Business Process Design Methodologies
Department of Industrial Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Lecturer (Assistant Professor): 1980-1985
Senior Lecturer: 1985 -1989
(Tenured since 1985)


Initiated and developed three new courses: "Microcomputers in Operational Systems," "Experimental Methods in Human Engineering" and "Advanced Simulation Methodology for Manufacturing Systems". Set up two new laboratories and various simulation tools to provide exercise for the students in these courses. Actively involved in designing the long range academic development plans for the I.E. department and in obtaining funding and the required accreditation to start the Masters & the Ph.D. degree programs in I.E.

Departmental - Human Factors Engineering Lab. Coordinator, Development of Microcomputers, Robotics and CAD/CAM laboratories.

Tel-Aviv University Committees:
Chairman of the Industrial Engineering Curriculum
(1984-1985) and member of several other committees.

Other Academic Positions

Faculty of Industrial and Management Engineering,
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Adjunct Lecturer: Industrial Microcomputers; Simulation Methodology. Was asked by the Dean of this Faculty to design, and later to help in installing and operating, their industrial microcomputers laboratory. In addition, was asked to assist in planning the robotics laboratory and the manufacturing physical-simulation laboratories.

1981 -
Faculty of Management, Tel-Aviv University
Graduate Courses in Scheduling and Sequencing Theory, Microcomputers Systems and Operations Management. Initiated a new MIS graduate course on Microcomputer Systems and participated in various management seminars on robotics and advanced management information systems.

Department of Industrial Engineering
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
Participation in Sequencing Research (NSF Grant) and economics of the Solar Photovoltaic Concentrator Application
Teaching: Operations Research (Teaching Ass't)
Computer Programming Techniques (Instructor in charge of multiple sections).

Bank Otzar-Hahayal Ltd., Tel-Aviv, Israel
Assistant General Manager (ACEO)
Main responsibilities: Operations Management, Chief Information Officer and Director of Human Resources. Initiated the development of the first national interbank ATM network in Israel, and lead the transformation of the bank to a computerized checking-accounts, liabilities, and investment management systems nationally.

Department of Industrial Engineering
School of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Part-time lecturer in Analysis of Production Systems

Faculty of Industrial and Management Engineering
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Haifa, Israel
Adjunct lecturer: 8 semesters teaching senior level courses, in Production Management

Faculty of Industrial and Management Engineering
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology,
Haifa, Israel
Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant in Production Planning

Teaching Experience

Information Systems for Management, Decision Models, Service and Operations Management, Manufacturing Management; Operations Research in Production Planning, Forecasting, Inventory Control and Scheduling; Analysis of Production Systems, Dynamics Programming; Advanced Simulation Methodologies; Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM); Computers and Information Systems; Information Systems for Management, Management Science Models; Financial Information Systems, Manufacturing and Operations Strategy, Medical Entrepreneurship

Consulting Experience (Partial List)

Israel's Institute of Productivity: Scientific Consultant to various large scale industrial projects.

BH Husky: Design and analysis of production control systems

Yael Software House, Ramat-Gan, Israel: Development of large scale logistic information systems and performance evaluation of MIS systems.

Ministry of Defense, Tel-Aviv, Israel: Military applications of industrial and logistic systems management methodologies. Real-time command, communications and controls information (C3I) systems.

Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI): Special Consultant to the Head of Engineering Division and the VP for Manufacturing Information Systems (CIM). This involved the planning, integration and development of large scale centralized and distributed MIS and CIM systems.

International Thompson Publishing: Business Process Reengineering.

Xerox Corporation: Strategic business product development, information systems development policies and executive support. Development of IT intensive operational architectures.

Rochester Telephone: Development of competitive IS operations.

Berlex Laboratories: Medical Management, Business Development.

Bausch & Lomb: Logistics support for lean manufacturing.

Eastman Kodak: Digital Imaging for business, and medical applications.

Sheering Drug Company AG: Medical Imaging Management

SmithKline Beecham: Electronic Commerce Strategy (work for the board).

Dynalab Industries: ERP and CIM design.

Dietz Automotive: Distribution system design and optimization.

Mass General Hospital: Radiology management.

Lehigh Imaging: Electronic Commerce Strategy.

ITS: Business process reengineering.

Expert Witness: Litigation of Class Action

Bayer Health Pharmaceuticals: Business Strategy

Carestream Health: Imaging Technology Development

Clalit Health Services: Business Development


HTI-Hebrew Technical Institute Doctoral Scholarship (Technion)

Awards and Honors

Who's Who Worldwide Registry of Business Leaders (1995)

The research paper "Strategic Choices in Information Systems Infrastructure: Corporate Standards vs. 'Best of Breed' Systems" was selected as the Best Theme Research Paper of the 1995 ICIS (International Conference on Information Systems) Conference taking place in Amsterdam, December 1995.

The research paper "Workflow Optimization through Task Redesign in Business Information Processes," won the Best Research Paper Award for the Collaboration Systems and Technology Track at the 1998 HICSS (the 31st Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science,) taking place in Kohala Coast, Hawaii, in January 1998.

Member of the Academy of Industrial Engineering, admitted for outstanding contribution to the profession. Elected on April 3, 1998 at Texas Tech University, the Department of Industrial Engineering.

The paper "Incomplete Contracting Issues in Information Systems Development Outsourcing" (with W. B. Richmond and A. B. Whinston), that was published by Decision Support Systems in Vol. 8 (September 1992), was recognized at The 1999 Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (WISE 1992) as the Best Paper in Information Systems and Economics. This award winning paper was selected based on the scientific impact of the research over the time since it was published.

Other Activities

Scientific and Honor Societies

Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society
Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society of Industrial Engineers
Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society for Collegiate Schools of Business
IIE Institute of Industrial Engineers (SENIOR MEMBER)
TIMS The Institute of Management Sciences
ACM Association of Computing Machinery
SME Society of Manufacturing Engineering (SENIOR MEMBER)
MSOM / SIG on Healthcare Operations ( Founding President, 2010 - )

Referee for the Following Professional Journals and Research Funding Agencies:

Management Science; Operations Research; Naval Research Logistics Quarterly; Annals of Operations Research; Material Flow; Human Systems Management; IIE Transactions (Industrial Engineering Transactions); INFOR (Canadian Journal of Operations Research and Information Processing); Large Scale Systems; European Journal of Operational Research; International Journal of Production Research; IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control; IEEE Robotics and Automation; Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences; Information Systems Research; National Science Foundation; Production and Operations Management, ASME: Journal of Engineering for Industry, HICSS, Journal of MIS, Information Systems Research.

Referee for Promotion and Tenure Decisions:

University of Arizona, Bar Ilan University, Ben Gurion University, University of California at Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, City University of New York, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Lehigh University, New York University, University of Maryland, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, University of Minnesota, University of Missouri St. Louis, MIT, Northwestern University, Ohio State University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, Purdue University, Rutgers University, University of Southern California, Stanford University, Tel Aviv University, University of Toronto, Tulane University, UCLA, University of Waterloo, University of Washington, The White House Scholar Program, and several other universities.

Department Editor

Management Science
Department of: Interdisciplinary Management Research and Applications
(Establishing Editor: 1992 - 2000)

Senior Editor

MSOM: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Editorial Board, Associate/Area Editor

Production Planning and Control
Production and Operations Management
International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
International Journal of Quality Science
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
Journal of Management Information Systems
IIE Transactions
Information Technology and Management

Guest Editor

IEEE Networks Magazine
(Special Issue: Communications for Manufacturing) May 1988

Computers & Industrial Engineering (Special Issue: Computers in Production Systems)

Management Science (Special Issue on Information Systems and Economics)

Decision Support System (Special Issue on Information Systems Issues in Supply Chain)

Scientific Advisory Board

Annals of Operations Research: (Special Volume on Markov Decision Processes)

Research Conference Chair Person

Co-Chairs the 1993 "WISE: Research Workshop on Information Systems Economics." Orlando, FL.

Member of the program committee for the 1995 ICIS : International Conference on Information Systems, Amsterdam.

Member of the program committee for the First INFORMS National Conference on Information Systems and Technology, Washington, DC, May 1996.

Co-Chairs the "First Citigroup-Simon School Conference on Electronic Banking Commerce", New York, NY, February 1999.

Co-Chairs the "Second Citigroup-Simon School Conference on Electronic Banking Commerce", New York, NY, February 2000.

Co-Chairs the 2003 "WISE: Research Workshop on Information Systems Economics." Seattle, WA.