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Simon Pride Rush Rhees Entrance 730


  • Learning in the U.S. Presidential Primaries (abstract)
    Presentor:  Ron Borkovsky, University of Toronto-Rotman
  • Retail Competition on Salop Circle under Linear Demand
    Presentor:  Amiya Basu, Syracuse University-Whitman
  • Habit Formation and Intertemporal Complementarity in the Video Game Industry
    Presentor:  Avery Haviv, University of Rochester-Simon
  • Proactive Interference in Numeric Evaluations: The Rating Polarity Effect
    Presentor:  Manoj Thomas, Cornell University-Johnson
  • The Impact of Animated Display on Trajectory Visualization (abstract)
    Presentor:  Arun Lakshmanan, University at Buffalo
  • Pride and Licensing Effects: When Being Good Gives Us Permission to Be A Little Bad
    Presentor:  Jinfeng (Jenny) Jiao, Binghamton University


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