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Accounting Quality and the Transmission of Monetary Policy

Christopher Armstrong, Stephen Glaeser, and John Kepler

Discussants: Lindsey Gallo and S.P. Kothari


Understanding the "Numbers Game"

Andrew Bird, Stephen A. Karolyi, and Thomas G. Ruchti

Discussant: Joseph Gerakos


Modeling the Determinants of Meet-or-Beat Behavior in Distribution Discontinuity Tests              Online Supplement

Dmitri Byzalov and Sudipta Basu

Discussant: David Burgstahler


Making Sense of Soft Information: Interpretation Bias and Loan Quality

Dennis Campbell, Maria Loumioti, and Regina Wittenberg-Moerman

Discussant: Rahul Vashishtha


The Effects of Financial Reporting and Disclosure on Corporate Investment: A Review

Sugata Roychowdhury, Nemit Shroff, and Rodrigo Verdi

Discussants: Elia Ferracuti and Stephen Stubben


Do Banks Still Monitor When There is a Market for Credit Protection?

Chenyu Shan, Dragon Yongjun Tang, and Andrew Winton

Discussant: Peter Demerjian

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