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ARCHIVE: Jim Stengel - Businessman, Author, Professor, and Pioneer

Simon Business School hosted Jim Stengel for the 2016 Sands Leadership Lecture. Jim shared his wealth of experience as a global marketing leader at Procter & Gamble leading some of the world’s most iconic brands, and as a marketing consultant for major companies. Below are some key takeaways from his “Lessons on Leading a Growth Culture.”


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Key Takeaways

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Define the company’s brand or ideal and passionately activate it.  

A highlight of Jim’s career at Procter & Gamble was transforming Pampers from a functional brand centered on dryness to an empathetic one focused on caring for babies’ happy, healthy development. Sales skyrocketed and the brand went global.

Build a Great Team. Team chemistry is important.

For example, Jim shared a video of Beats Electronics EVP Omar Johnson who said if you look at Beats’ top management team, they operate as a family. That combination of spirit, trust, and family is powerful and revolutionary for companies.

Be Vulnerable.

Jim cited a Google study on what it takes to build the perfect team. Creating an environment of psychological security and trust is crucial. While some see vulnerability as a weakness, an environment of trust with the freedom to be creative and take good risks is fundamental for high performing teams.

Improve Your Communication Skills.

You have to be able to tell your story clearly to be an effective leader. If you don’t get that right, nothing else is going to work.

Champion the Right Measurement.

Microsoft and Kroger were two great examples of companies that consistently measure all aspects of the business and pivot from what the data have revealed.

Deliberately Shape Your Legacy.

Ask yourself, “How will I leave this differently?” “What is my personal mission?” Write it down and talk to others about the difference they would like to see you make. If you do this as a leader, you will make a big impact.

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