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Motorola Droid X - A Big Problem for Apple

Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna woes pale in comparison to the threat from Motorola’s new Droid X according to Abraham Seidmann, Xerox Professor of Computers and Information Systems and Operations Management at the Simon School of Business, University of Rochester. Seidmann, a noted expert in computers and information systems, says the latest device on the Android market is giving Apple some stiff competition. “Overall, the iphone has an impressive install base, and the current antenna issue seems to have a minor impact on this fast moving train,” says Seidmann. “What is far more threatening to Apple, and a bigger issue, is the new Motorola Droid phone released last week. It gets an impressive bang for the buck with Verizon network support.” Online retail comparisons of the Droid X and the iphone 4 give the edge the Droid X. It beats the iphone 4 in terms of battery life (8 hours for Droid X vs. 7 hours for the iphone 4), WiFi Hotspots (Droid provides a hotspot for multiple devices to connect whereas the iphone 4 can tether to only one device), and camera mega pixels (8 mega pixels for Droid X, 5 mega pixels for the iphone 4). Motorola plans to release another Droid model  just in time for the holiday retail shopping season. “The Droid is poised to outsell and outperform the iphone 4 in a big way,” says Seidmann.

Professor Seidmann is available to do live or taped broadcast interviews from our on-campus TV studio with satellite uplink through VideoLink in Newton, Mass. To book an interview, contact Charla Stevens Kucko, Simon School Director of Marketing and Communications/Media Relations, at (585) 273-4806 or e-mail charla.kucko@simon.rochester.edu.  To book a satellite shot, contact VideoLink at (617) 340-4100.

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