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Simon Business School Revamps MS Program in Business Analytics

Simon Business School Revamps MS Program in Business AnalyticsSimon Business School Revamps MS Program in Business AnalyticsSimon Business School

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Rochester, N.Y.—December 9, 2014—The rise of “Big Data,” an avalanche of computer-generated information across industries, has created an increasing demand for highly skilled business analysts proficient in quantitative analysis with plenty of hands on experience in the field. Simon Business School is responding to rapid change in the ever-growing “Big Data” world by revamping its existing MS Program in Business Analytics curriculum to address these shifting needs.

In addition to the rigorous classroom instruction grounded in data analysis that it’s noted for, Simon Business School is introducing more practical experience both in and out of the classroom. Two new boot camp courses will be offered to prepare students in R and SQL technologies. Two additional courses are being introduced: Advanced Data Mining and Machine Learning covers advanced analytics techniques such as neural networks and clustering high dimensional data; and in the Consulting Practicum, students will work with corporate clients to assess their business contexts and offer frameworks for solutions that are centered on the core competencies of strategy and technology. An optional internship track is now available that will extend the program from 11 to 17 months allowing time for a summer internship.

“Data is ubiquitous today. The ability to extract useful business insight from huge amounts of data, structured or unstructured, is crucial to the career of business school graduates,” says Huaxia Rui, assistant professor of computers and information systems, who oversees the program. “The MS Program in Business Analytics aims to provide business students with this much-needed training.”

From an admissions perspective, the changes will attract the best and brightest prospective students looking for the right combination of knowledge and experience. “We looked at the marketplace and found that a key area for expansion was taking classroom learning and enhancing it with practical application,” says Rebekah Lewin, assistant dean of admissions and student engagement. “Our goal is to enhance the technical skills we provide with more opportunities for direct engagement with companies that have needs in the business analysis area.”

The curricular enhancements will begin with the class entering in the fall of 2015.


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