Pricefx Partners with Simon Business School to Sponsor the 2020 Simon Pricing Club Case Competition

Pricefx, the global leader in native cloud pricing software, is partnering with the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester and Iron Mountain to sponsor the 2020 Simon Pricing Club Case Competition. This is the first implementation of Pricefx Next Gen, a program designed to support the real-world applications of pricing in educational settings. Pricefx customer Iron Mountain, the leading storage and information management services company, will also participate in the competition, providing the case and serving on the judging committee.

“The velocity of innovation and change in business today requires students to master current technology, adapt quickly, think critically, and work in diverse teams,” said Patrick Moorhead, Chief Marketing Officer of Pricefx. “This program is focused on putting real-world technology in the hands of students in order to better prepare them for careers with businesses who are using modern, digital approaches to compete.”

Simon Pricing Club (SPC) fosters an understanding of the pricing domain and promotes the Pricing industry among Simon students. SPC has helped to build a vibrant pricing community at Simon that has created outstanding pricing professionals that live up to Simon’s reputation as a pioneer in Pricing. SPC continues to leverage Simon’s nearly exclusive pricing specialization among business schools in ways that have helped establish Simon as the preeminent pricing program.

In the competition, student teams will be asked to solve a real-world business problem based on a mix of pricing, strategy and analytics. Students receive access to and instruction on Pricefx’s SaaS solution for Price Optimization, Management (PO&M) and Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) to help them build a winning response.

“Universities play an important role in preparing students for success in the workforce and meeting the needs of today’s businesses,” said Steven Simpson, MBA Director, Marketing & Pricing at Simon Business School. “As the first Business School to offer a dedicated specialization in pricing within its STEM-designated MBA and MS Analytics graduate programs, we are excited to partner with Pricefx and Iron Mountain for this year’s case competition. Working with the technology and business sectors enables Simon Business School to stay at the forefront of current workforce trends and provide hands-on educational opportunities to students.”

The competition kicks off on January 23 and the presentations are due on February 2. Shortlist finalists will be announced on February 7 and final round presentations will take place on February 10, with winners to be announced on-site.

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