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Sean Cutt

Executive MBA, Class of 2014

President and Chief Operating Officer (BNL and BRE Commercial Division)
Broadstone Real Estate

After receiving undergraduate degrees in business and architecture, Sean Cutt found his way to commercial real estate and served for six years as assistant vice president of development for the real estate management trust company, Macerich. However, it was soon after joining Broadstone that Sean decided to further his business education in the Simon Business School Executive MBA (EMBA) program. “I had the opportunity to work with a lot of Simon alums when I came to Broadstone,” he says. “Everyone here is very intellectually strong with solid quantitative backgrounds. Having them as colleagues reinforced the value that I knew was in an MBA.”

As the leader of the Broadstone acquisition team, Cutt says it’s the environment led by Broadstone Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Amy Tait that makes the real estate company so successful. “We have a strong culture here,” he says. “It’s our greatest asset and it starts with Amy. There are a number of companies that do what we do—we just do it better because of the people representing our brand. They’re disciplined and have an incredible work ethic.”

According to Cutt, the environment at Simon also plays an important part. He says the rigorous study at Simon earns its reputation, but the attention he received in the EMBA program helped make the workload more manageable. “They really treated us as executives,” Cutt notes. “The staff was amazing and took care of the details so we could focus on learning. If you needed a book, it was there for you. If you needed a parking pass, they got it to you. If you needed to be fed, they fed you. All of that helped us focus on learning and getting the job done. So, it’s a well-tuned machine that has great staff.”

Cutt believes the Simon curriculum helps students see a broader perspective on business. “The courses are all interrelated, he says. “When we were taking economics, they were also talking about accounting. When were studying accounting, they were talking about managerial operations. Everything tied together and you heard references used from one course to another. I think that’s what a well-rounded education is all about.”

Sean Cutt Cutt

“I was looking to advance my education and build a stronger foundation in finance. Simon helped me reach those goals by strengthening my ability to understand and analyze information while developing my skills to communicate the results.”

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