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Safely navigating unpredictable markets. Drawing on decades of experience and a unique approach to managing downside risk, Sidecar Capital helps both institutions and individuals steer a safe course through adverse market movements. The principal of the advisory firm, Steven Fraum, developed his approach to mitigating “left tail” events while attending the Simon EMBA program. And with the help of Simon faculty and advisors, Sidecar continues to optimize equity hedging strategies that will help clients face the ups and downs of the future.

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Stephen Fraum

Executive MBA, Class of 2012

Principal & Co-Portfolio Manager

“Attending the EMBA program at Simon exposed me to many new concepts and strategies that changed my entire thought process and eventually led me to create my own financial firm, Sidecar Capital Management. Learning business skills was only part of the value of my Simon experience. The faculty and students have all been supportive and the network of people available to learn from and connect with has been invaluable. And everyone involved continues to be helpful.”

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Lawrence Halpern, Dean’s Advisory Committee member

“As a member of the Dean’s Advisory Committee, I’m occasionally asked by the School to provide mentoring for students based on my decades of investment experience. When former Dean Zupan asked me to help Steve Fraum develop the ideas that led to Sidecar, I was happy to help. Simon students are very fortunate. In addition to mentoring, they get the experience of working with classmates from all over the world and the perspective that both the alumni and faculty can give them. There’s no question that Simon grads leave with much more than they started with."

—Lawrence Halpern, Simon Business School Dean’s Advisory Committee member and Sidecar Capital Sub-Advisor

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