Simon Business School

Jason Aymerich - Executive MBA ’10 - 730 x 400

Quality of Students

Your fellow students will be your allies and your motivators.

Peers with diverse backgrounds add an extra dimension to your education, just as you will add to theirs. The tasks you face together will prepare you for the challenges throughout your career.

The optimum team has a wide range of talent.

The cohort is organized into study teams representing the functional roles in an organization, specifically to ensure varied expertise. If you are a marketing specialist, your new teammates will become your resources in accounting, management, and operations. People from every industry and background work as one, so that you succeed both personally and as a team.

Quality students make for a quality experience.

Much is demanded of each candidate--both in and out of the classroom. Guaranteeing that the students in the Simon Executive MBA program are the very best is what makes the program so effective. By accepting only determined and accountable students, with a history of success, we guarantee the best educational experience for everyone.

See how outstanding students become extraordinary alumni.

Students come from a broad range of industries



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