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A Day In The Life of an Executive MBA Student

This is your time. Define your future.

The Executive MBA program can transform your career and help you achieve your goals. The education we provide gives you the skills to lead an organization, start your own company, or help your current organization find new areas for growth. But what is it like to be in the program?  How do you manage the other priorities in your life while going through the program?

In the Simon Executive MBA, meet students like Dr. David Dougherty, who chose to pursue an EMBA to expand his reach beyond the examining room. "I got into medicine because I enjoy helping people," he says. "But I quickly realized I needed a business degree to help people on the scale I wanted. This degree allows me to impact large populations of people and how we deliver health care to them."

Dr. David Dougherty shares his perspectives in the following Simon Stories: A day-in-the-life of an Executive MBA student.

"I already find myself contributing from a business perspective to the hospital. I'm able to look at the big picture more to see how things interact and how decisions are made."

– David Dougherty, MD
   Executive MBA '13

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