Simon Business School

Class Structure

Maximize your in-class experience.

The Simon EMBA combines classroom instruction with state-of-the-art online learning through Zoom. This fully interactive experience utilizes online video conferencing and other instructional aids to create the ideal virtual learning environment from your home, office, or any location with internet access.

The combination of online and in-class learning also makes going back to school more manageable and convenient. Classes meet biweekly—only three days per month—with three to six hours of online instruction per course, so you have more control over your time. Online tools provide easier collaboration outside the classroom, giving students the option to attend class in person just one weekend a month.

YOUR CALENDAR OF EVENTS - One weekend a month on-campus, one Saturday that can be synchronous. - 210w

Classes will meet every other Saturday, and one Friday per month. Our Zoom technology will allow students to attend the second Saturday online, as needed. As a result, students have the option to attend on campus one weekend per month.
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