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China and Switzerland - 730 x 400

Global Management Options

The best way to understand global business is to experience it first-hand.

International immersion elective courses are designed to enhance global awareness and explore considerations in doing business outside American borders.

These optional courses are available in the second year of MBA studies.


Explore international business and European culture in the heart of one of the financial captials of the world. Students enrolled in this immersion course will learn about the risks and rewards facing firms that operate in international financial markets while experiencing the global banking center in Zurich, the capital city of Bern, the gateway to the Bernese Oberland nestled in the lakeside town of Thun, and the historic port city of Lucerne.

The course is comprised of classroom sessions and teamwork on financial cases, guest lectures and panel dicusssions with leaders of international businesses in Switzerland, networking events, business visits, and cultural excursions.

Past company visits have included organizations such as Swiss Reinsurance, SwissPost, UBS, Credit Suisse, and Investas AG. Presentations by global leaders will provide understanding of international market issues and the opportunity to expand students' professional global networks.


This course examines the challenges and opportunities that firms face working in emerging and transitioning economies. This immersive learning experience offers the opportunity to look through the lens of China's historical context, its economic path, as well as its social and cultural climate to gain a deeper understanding of today's business environment.

Learning objectives will focus on the complex interplay between macroeconomic, political, and social factors within the context of the competitive landscape and current market conditions. Students will learn strategies employed by Chinese firms and western organizations as they operate in a global marketplace.


Israel is fast becoming one of the most innovative countries in the world with the highest per capita number of startups. This immersion course will provide first-hand understanding of how entrepreneurship and innovation are reshaping the country's emerging economic profile. Students will be introduced to the country's rich history and the impact of Israel's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Students will experience hands-on development of projects in partnership with an Israeli startup looking to expand into the US market.

It is its growing strength in innovation that has led a large number of international organizations to open new R&D and product development operations in Israel. Past company visits have included Intel, Nokia, Jumpseed, NGT3 Incubator, and Arbe Robotics.



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