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Our expert faculty: your invaluable resource.

The Simon faculty is truly in a class by itself. It is an elite group of some of the business world's top thinkers and researchers. You will be guided and mentored by people who wrote the book on their subjects. The discussions you will have both in and out of the classroom will push you to look at the world of business from a new perspective, and then to apply the research and methods to your own, real-world business endeavors.

Our skill and experience will drive your discovery.

Our faculty are among the top researchers in the country and regularly incorporate their work into class curriculum. While best known for their academic excellence, Simon Business School professors are extremely approachable and relish the opportunity for an exchange of ideas.

You will also learn from our research.

Simon Faculty Ron Goettler - 210 x 200In addition to their own research, some of our faculty are founders and editors of top journals, some of which are published at Simon. For example, the Journal of Financial Economics, which is the premier journal in financial research, was launched and is still managed at Simon. And ground-breaking research like Senior Associate Dean Ron Goettler's work on Competition and Product Innovation In Dynamic Oligopoly underlines the excellence of scholarship at Simon.

Meet Simon Faculty


Simon Faculty Joanna Wu - 210 x 200Joanna Wu’s research spans the areas of international financial reporting, the behavior of financial analysts, management compensation, voluntary disclosure, and mutual fund performance. Her work has been published in the Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Finance, Journal of Accounting Research, and The Accounting Review, among others. She has been named to the Simon School Dean’s Teaching Honor Roll numerous times. Professor Wu is an editor of the Journal of Accounting and Economics.

Simon Faculty Avi Seidmann - 210 x 200Avi Seidmann's current research and consulting activities include medical informatics, electronic commerce, online auctions, information systems, health care management, business process design, project management and optimal resource allocation, strategic manufacturing systems, information economics, stochastic processes, and performance modeling for capacity planning and pricing.

Simon Faculty Sudarshan Jayaraman - 210 x 200 Sudarshan Jayaraman's research interests are in corporate governance and the effects of accounting information in financial markets. His work on corporate governance has examined how large shareholders discipline managers via the threat of exit, and the role that stock market liquidity plays in the design of executive compensation contracts.

FACULTY: RANGE OF BACKGROUNDS - 45% Industry, 55% Research - 210w

Although this chart indicates a good balance between research-based and industry-based faculty who teach our EMBA program, it only shows part of the picture.

Simon Faculty Greg Bauer - 210 x 200

Greg Bauer, Professor of Economics, was previously head of research for the Bank of Canada. He provides both industry and academic knowledge to his classroom and, as a result, has won our Superior Teaching award multiple years in a row.

Mantena, Ravindra Faculty 210x200px EMBA Web

Professor Mantena studies economics of digital and information-rich products. His teaching interests are in quantitative modeling, business analytics, management of information technology, and digital product strategy.

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