Simon Business School

EMBA Group Study

Selection Criteria

Being accepted into the Executive MBA Program at the Simon Business School means you're well-rounded, successful, and have the potential to become a strong leader within your organization. It also means you'll be surrounded by other students who share your ambition to keep moving onward and upward in their careers. Together, you’ll solve real-world business problems and push yourselves to reach your goals—and find a new level of success.

A Cut Above

Our students are hand-picked based on their business experience, personal achievement, professional growth potential, and the motivation and drive to succeed in this rigorous program. This means you’ll be surrounded by—and learning from—a diverse group of peers who feature a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, and are as committed to success as you are.

Teaming Up For Success

While studying at the Simon Business School, you’ll be working on a team whose members are chosen for the diversity of their skills and industry backgrounds. In no time, you’ll come to rely on your teammates for support and assistance, not just to complete challenging team assignments, but to share ideas and experiences.

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