Simon Business School

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As the leader of any successful team, you need to consider a range of perspectives and insights. The Simon EMBA program helps develop your analytical skills so you can make sound decisions based on the best information available. Our economic-based approach to decision making will help you see both the big picture and the fine detail so that you can take advantage of smart opportunities and manage the risks to your organization.

A Simon EMBA Offers:

  • Problem solving frameworks for better business decisions
  • An opportunity to build your professional and interpersonal skills
  • A broader understanding of business and leadership
  • Real value to your company and career
  • A Global Management Option

A Global Reality

Simon offers a smaller, more personal setting for you to explore the vast power of the global marketplace. Whether you do business on the world stage or simply have clients and customers outside the US, our international perspective will shed new light on professional success in the digital age.

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