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A self-professed tech geek and an early adapter talks about her pioneering spirit and how that led her straight to Simon Business School.

Building Skills Today's Companies Demand

Recruiters of MBA talent place a premium on communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. The Simon MBA Edge Program was developed to focus on key competencies today’s employers demand in graduate business students. This professional skill-building and competency development program augments the technical skills Simon students acquire in the classroom with high-impact personal development workshops and signature events throughout the course of their MBA.

These professional skills are key to integrating and applying the knowledge and skills developed by our MBA curriculum; they provide a process for selfleadership that can prepare you for a lifetime of opportunities.

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Problem Solving

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Advanced problem-solving skills are prized in many of the roles to which MBA students aspire, particularly in consulting. However, few students enter MBA programs with well-developed skills in this area. The main clusters of problem solving skills are FRAMING: Identifying the key question(s) being addressed; ANALYSIS: Applying a logical structure to addressing the problem; COMMUNICATION: Synthesizing the findings and conclusions (the ‘so what’s’) from the previous phase into a logical storyline.

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Edge event banner Jim Stengel Effective communication is one of the biggest challenges many managers face and it is a critical part of leadership. Without it, managers can fail to win the commitment of his or her reports and fail to meet otherwise achievable business goals. As a manager, you must learn how to connect with a wide range of people to succeed. As an MBA student, communication skills are also important in your teams and in your job search. Written communication and presentation skills are closely tied to problem solving.

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After a few years of experience, many Simon MBAs find themselves being asked to take on the responsibility of leading a group or line of business – particularly if they have become knowledgeable about their industry or function and have developed their problem solving, communication, and team building competencies. A few additional competencies and skills start to come to the forefront for people in these roles: drive/stamina, (ability to) influence/inspire others, adaptability, negotiation skills, strategic vision, and delegation skills. Student clubs, the Graduate Business Council (GBC), Student Career Leadership Board, Student Ambassadors, Student Career Advisors (SCAs), Communication Tutor, Coach and Workshop Leader programs, as well as ad hoc Simon student advisory boards and task forces offer you chances to develop leadership competencies and have an impact on the School during your time at Simon.

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Global Awareness

Global awareness is crucial for all businesses today; your ability to work well with diverse colleagues and to be open to new ways of doing business will help you adapt to new work environments, people, and organizations. At Simon, you can develop these competencies by becoming involved in student organizations, taking an elective in ethics, taking courses such as entrepreneurship that cultivate creativity, attending Global Awareness and Communication Learning Center programs, getting to know your fellow classmates who come from different parts of the world, seeking an internship with a global company, and participating in a travel or exchange program.

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Employers seek individuals who have an awareness of the importance of integrity in dealing with individuals and organizations. Having a framework with which to make ethical decisions contributes to your ability to make the right decisions and help others to do the same. Making ethical decisions is about behaving consistently with your values, principles, and motives. It means being trustworthy, truthful, and candid and doing the right thing even when no one is looking. These are all components of integrity and ethical decision making.

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Edge program teamwork activityMany of the career paths open to MBA graduates require great teamwork and team building skills. Competencies such as collaboration, group savvy, interpersonal skills, personal power, relationship savvy, the ability to value opinions of others, and the ability to follow a leader are all critical in helping you develop team skills. Team projects in classes, unpaid projects with area employers, case competitions, and the Simon Vision program all offer you opportunities to develop teamwork skills.

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