Simon Business School

Getting Started

Getting Started

The CMC is in your corner.
Our work begins with you "Day 1".

Simon was an innovator of the “Day 1” process, which allows us to begin working with you well before you even arrive on campus. Through Day 1, you will:

FT MBA Orientation

  • Explore career interests
  • Research options that fit your background and goals
  • Work on personal branding and enhance your social media presence
  • Deepen your understanding of the major MBA career functions and ways to up-level your knowledge in one or more key functions or industries


Much of our most important career content is available online. You will receive access to these materials prior to Orientation and will have a chance to explore and prepare deliverables so you can hit the ground running when you arrive.

Day 1 includes:

  • Completing self- and market-assessment
  • Researching tools and online career resources and databases
  • Developing your “pitch”
  • Positioning materials including résumé, outreach emails, LinkedIn profile, etc.
  • Exploring international resources (if applicable)
  • Developing a target list and generating leads
  • Preparing for specific job functions and industries
  • Practicing behavioral, case, and technical interviews
  • Honing job search strategies and tactics

Consistent Communication

We work with you as you are moving through the online “Day 1” content, helping you to stay on track and suggesting additional resources related to your interests. We also reach out to you regularly with information about programs that occur (either virtually or in person) during the spring and summer that may assist you in your career exploration and preparation. Opportunities include:

FT MBA Orientation

  • UR Simon weekend (admitted student event)
  • CMC webinars
  • National Career Fair early deadlines (for programs that begin in late July and go through the fall)
  • Poets & Quants pre-orientation programs
  • Corporate pre-orientation programs
  • Consortium events
  • Forté pre-orientation conference


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