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Ongoing support

Ongoing Support

Internship and Job Search Workshops

We know you can’t absorb everything you need to know about managing your career and conducting an internship or job search in just a few short weeks at the beginning of your program. That’s why we offer ongoing workshops throughout the year based on the interests and needs of our students.

Workshops are taught by CMC staff, Student Career Advisors, and outside experts on a variety of topics including:

  • Case interviewing
  • Technical interviewing
  • Behavioral interviewing
  • Updating your social media presence
  • Targeting a résumé to a specific industry
  • Searching for a job in another city
  • Searching for a job outside of the US
  • Job search for international students
  • How to seek an internship
  • Mining for contacts
  • Developing a target list
  • Offer evaluation and salary negotiation
  • And many others

Ongoing support and workshops

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