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Kimberly (Tucker) Young

Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015

Assistant Vice President
Bank of America

After receiving her undergraduate degree in psychology from Spelman College, Kimberly Young-Tucker worked in sales and the non-profit arena. While serving as an interim program lead for Youth Development at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, she managed and coordinated support for several high-profile projects, including the National Arts Initiative.

Kimberly says she chose Simon for its personal approach. “The smaller class size makes it easy to get to know your classmates,” she notes. “I enjoyed that at Spelman and wanted to experience it again. I also found the quantitative focus really beneficial because I know those skills are needed to be successful in the corporate world.”

“It’s important to me to dig deep and look at problems from different perspectives,” she adds. “I always considered myself aware of the other side of an issue, but Simon really challenged me to examine all sides of a problem in order to find the best solution.”

Utilizing the instruction from Simon's expert faculty, Kimberly is relying on those skills to achieve her career goal of becoming a chief marketing officer or CEO at a Fortune 500 company. “The faculty was great,” she says. “They challenged us in ways we never thought of before.”

Kimberly says she was eager to apply what she learned in the classroom to her role as consumer banking MBA intern at Bank of America. During her internship, she helped devise a customer-centric digital banking strategy to ultimately increase revenue through deeper customer engagement.

“Simon was more than I expected,” Kimberly says. “I didn’t realize I would have so many opportunities to learn and develop. It’s been a blessing to have been part of such a dynamic and transformative culture.”

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Kimberly Tucker Tucker

“During my MBA experience, I’ve networked with people all over the world, including working for a high-tech startup in Israel and studying abroad in Argentina. Simon gives you the flexibility to create your success with the relationships you build.”

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