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Margot Anich

Full-Time MBA, Class of 2015

Solution Design, Manager

Prior to pursuing her MBA, Margot Anich worked in pharmaceutical sales, where she specialized in neuroscience and men’s health. A graduate of Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Margot chose Simon because she knew it would help her move forward on a new career path. “As a product of two parents in health care, I always knew I wanted to work within the health sciences industry,” she says. “I have always felt drawn to health care and improving the mental and physical lives of those around me.”

Having joined Simon as a Forté fellow, Margot prides herself on being a woman in business. She also recognized how Simon would take her passion and put it to work for career success. “I most appreciated the practical analytical knowledge and business acumen I learned at Simon,” she says. “The staff and professors were exceptional and always willing to spend extra time to make sure I was confident with the material.”

During the summer between her first and second year, Margot added to her business experience with an internship at athenahealth. She immediately saw the benefits of her business education. “Simon provides a phenomenal education to its students,” she says. “The program teaches students how to frame and approach real-world business problems in a pragmatic way that delivers exceptional results.”

Margot says the Simon program was tough, but rewarding. She also says there was plenty of support. “Simon was extremely diverse and much more intimate that I thought it would be,” she notes. “The faculty and staff were extremely helpful and are as knowledgeable as they are approachable.” Margot adds, “There was help on every corner at Simon, from the advisors to the professors, to my classmates. They ensured all the students felt prepared and ready to do their best.”

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Margot Anich Anich

“I chose Simon for its rigorous curriculum, intimate class setting, and world-renowned professors. I knew leaving my job to attend business school full-time would be a worthwhile venture, and I knew Simon would offer a real return on my investment.”

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