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MBA Cohorts and Coaches

The ability to establish and work within an organized, cohesive, and accountable team is one of the most critical skills that any business professional can develop. Throughout your Simon experience, you’ll benefit from a team-centric framework designed to sharpen these skills with every challenge you take on.

Our cohort structure challenges groups of first-year students to organize, establish, and work within a team dynamic. This process is designed to help you develop interpersonal skills and group strategies that translate seamlessly to the real business world, while establishing tight-knit personal bonds that will last a lifetime.

In addition, Simon provides support to teams through the Coach Program. Coaches are second-year MBA students who provide guidance and insights to their first-year counterparts, offering a voice of experience while taking advantage of continuing leadership and skill-building opportunities for themselves.

Meet Some of Our Coaches

Timothy Fisher McKenna - 210 x 210
Fisher McKenna
"My role as a second-year coach is to provide first-year students with advice and support—from academics to internship search and navigating the first-year experience, which can be daunting, especially when it comes to time management."

Aileen Maria-Ritchie - 210 x 210
Aileen Maria-Ritchie
"I was able to bring value by being a resource for my team's questions and concerns. My unique position as part of the team during their working sessions also gave me the opportunity to give particular feedback that would not have been possible otherwise."

Arjun Shekar - 210 x 210
Arjun Shekar
"I found immense value in the Coach Program workshops when I was a first year. I was fortunate to have leaders who were also mentors. I wanted to do my part in giving back to the Simon community and also contribute to the continued improvement of the program."



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