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International Immersions

Simon is one of the most diverse business schools in the nation—our MBA students come from 17 different countries around the world. We are proud to support and celebrate a cross-cultural MBA experience.

Immersions are designed to enhance your global awareness, while allowing you to explore business outside American borders. Through a mix of coursework, discussions with local government and business leaders, and on-site visits to leading companies and organizations, you'll experience the world of international business firsthand.

We are proud to offer the following International Immersions and look forward to offering additional opportunities:

Switzerland: International Finance Course

Switzerland Immersion

Explore European business and culture in the heart of one of the financial capitals of the world. Students will learn about the risks and rewards facing firms that operate in international financial markets, as they travel to Zurich, Bern, Thun, Lucerne, and other Swiss cities. The course is comprised of classroom sessions (often overlooking beautiful views of the Swiss countryside), guest lectures by leaders of international businesses, company visits, and networking events. Throughout the week, participants will interact with Rochester-Bern Executive MBA and UBS students, as well as gain an understanding of Swiss culture. The company tour portion of the program includes organizations such as Swiss Reinsurance, SwissPost, Investas AG, and other international financial institutions.

Israel: International Business Course

Israel Market with Simon Faculty and Students

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Israel. In fact, Israel is fast becoming one of the world's start-up superpowers. Simon students, instructors, and advisors find out firsthand how industry and innovation are reshaping the country’s emerging economic profile. In addition to exploring Israeli businesses, students also get the chance to experience the culture and history unique to the nation on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.


Latin America

Latin American Immersion

Peru and Colombia await you. Discover how environmental, sustainability, and social change efforts are helping Latin American countries transform their emerging economies into global business leaders. You will have the opportunity to visit local governmental institutions and business executives, gaining insights into the current state of Latin American affairs and learning about sustainable business models. This trip will give you plenty of opportunity to experience Latin American culture and connect with alumni based in the region.


Simon students in Asia dressed in traditional attire - 340 x 266

Trips to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China give students amazing exposure to the region. From the famous gardens of Tokyo to the Great Wall of China, the cultural exploration portion of these trips speaks for itself. Simon students have also had the opportunity to benefit from company visits, which have included:

  • Citibank
  • Hitachi
  • Microsoft
  • Rakuten
  • Toyota
  • UBS
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