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In an effort to make a Simon degree more accessible to top global talent, the School has secured a Custom Graduate Loan by Discover for full-time MBA students that do not require a co-signer. The Discover Custom Graduate Loan (DCGL) has a competitive interest rate and will cover up to the full MBA program tuition cost minus other financial aid. Discover has a simple online application process and will provide full customer support during the loan application process. For more details and information regarding this program visit the loan program page.

Who is eligible?

Graduate students in Simon Business School's Full-Time MBA program effective fall 2019 are eligible for loan consideration.

How do I indicate interest in the DCGL?

Students will be given a short set of questions in the Simon Business School online application to “opt-in” for information about funding. These questions can be completed in less than five minutes and must be submitted before an admission decision is issued. Students seeking information about funding will be sent a link to apply for a loan.

​How much can I borrow?

Students can borrow from $1,000 up to the MBA program tuition cost, less any other financial aid received, as determined by the Simon Admissions Office.

Can I use DCGL funding as part of my proof of funds when I submit a request for my I-20 to get a student visa?

Yes, you can use the provisional approval letter as proof of funds toward your financial support.

I just applied for my student loan and have been given provisional approval, subject to submission of certain documents—the I-20 or the F1 visa, which I will have to submit to acquire full approval. However, I do not have my I-20 yet as I am using the provisional approval as proof of financial support. What do I do?

Do not worry. The provisional approval is all you need for proof of financial support for your I-20, and you will not be required to upload a copy of your I-20 to your loan application until after you receive it from the University of Rochester. Once received, you can then upload it to fulfill the document requirement.

Is DCGL available for living expenses?

DCGL is available to cover tuition (less any other financial aid), but it is not available to cover student fees or living expenses. We encourage students to identify other sources of funding to cover personal expenses.

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