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infographic - 80% of students receive merit-based scholarships Infographic - scholarships range from $5000 to full-tuition



Let Us Support Your Next Step Toward Career Success.

Our Scholarship Committee takes a holistic evaluation of your potential when determining scholarship awards. Beyond test results and academic performance, we look for professional experience, extracurricular involvement, community contributions, and leadership capabilities. Our aim is to match you to a scholarship opportunity that reflects your personal strengths and professional goals. If you're ready to chart the next course of your career, submit an application for admission. To be considered for scholarship, answer "Yes" to the scholarship question on the application.

We’ve made scholarships easy at Simon

If you're awarded scholarship, the award amount will be included with your Admitted Student Package. The scholarship amount is guaranteed and has been set aside for your Full-Time MBA studies. We’ll also let you know if you’ve been invited to earn additional support at our prestigious Scholarship Weekend.

>> For best scholarship consideration, please submit your application for admission by our January 5 deadline. View Full-Time MBA application deadlines.

1. Apply and be accepted to our full-time MBA or MS program 2. Receive your scholarship package. 3. Receive and accept your invitation to scholarship weekend. 4. Attend the event and compete for additional scholarship support.

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