Simon Business School

Application Deadlines

September 5–October 15
October 16–January 5
January 6–February 15
February 16–March 31
April 1–May 1
May 2–June 15
October 15
January 5
February 15
March 31
May 1
June 15*
December 15
March 20
April 15
May 15
June 15
July 20

Important Note: As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve around the world, please know the Simon Admissions Team has care and concern for you, your families and friends, and all those affected. We know that schools and testing centers are currently closed in some locations impacted by COVID-19. If you are targeting 2020 enrollment and have questions or concerns about meeting our deadlines, please view our FAQs. We are committed to supporting you and your graduate business goals during this challenging time.


In addition to having application deadlines, Simon welcomes applications on a rolling basis. If you apply earlier in any of the application windows, there's a strong likelihood you will receive your decision sooner than the guaranteed-by decision date for that round. Applications are processed and reviewed when they are received by our office—we never hold applications for processing after the deadline.

  • Domestic and international applications are welcomed for all rounds (though we encourage international applicants to submit as early as possible to ensure a smooth transition to Rochester).
  • Scholarships are always available, though applying early increases your chances for priority admission and scholarship consideration!  

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